After Releasing Repressions, I’ve Come To Appreciate Everyday Life Rather Than Social Success

Today, let’s talk about my current lifestyle. I think that after releasing my repressions, I’ve come to appreciate everyday life rather than social success.

The changes by releasing repressions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I released my repressions last summer. Repression is one of the subconscious rules that we learned in our childhood.

I had many unnecessary repressed rules, such as “don’t fail,” “don’t discourage others,” “don’t be depressed,” and so on. These rules made my life difficult.

But last summer, fortunately, I released my repressions unexpectedly. That made my life change dramatically.

And I still have new realizations from that experience. One of the new realizations is that I’ve come to appreciate everyday life rather than social success.

Focusing on basic daily life

Until last summer, I valued social success more than my basic needs. I did creative work for my future. That was fun for me. But to be honest, that was a little exhausting.

But now, I enjoy the fundamentals of life, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, cleaning my house, and so on.

I noticed that “creating a future for myself” itself was a part of my repressions. Of course, we plan for the future to live without worry. But I think that social success is not always an important part of our lives. Especially, for the people who want to help other weak people.

The meaning of “building fundamentals first”

I can say that it’s like building our houses. Assume that we want to build a good home. So I intended to build good fundamentals first.

But the intent is different now than in the past. In the past, “fundamental” meant only “to create my future.” That is to say, I intended to build my house as high as possible.

But now, “fundamental” means my everyday life. It includes not only my future but also my current fulfillment. I simply came to prefer them.

And I also realized that the future and present are not divisible. Because now is the future if I view it from the past. Now is one of those moments that I wanted to make happy in my past.

This is simple. But I think that simplicity reduces confusion and complexity. That makes our lives easier. If I want to see a good view, I’ll build higher stairs. But if not, I won’t. It’s simple.


So, after releasing my repressions, I’ve come to appreciate everyday life rather than social success.

Of course, our future is important. I also prepare and invest for the future. But I think that both our future and now are indivisible. Both are our lives. It’s not complicated. It’s simple. I realized that such simplicity makes our lives easier.

If we understand this feeling, we might have more balanced lives.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.