New Value Is Created Not Only by Pursuing but Also by Creating a New Lifestyle

Today, let’s talk about how to find new values. I think that new value is created not only by pursuing but also by creating a new lifestyle.

How we can create new values

Several years ago, I heard a person say, “I’m a worthless man. I always failed whenever I pursued something valuable. My surroundings are all doing well. But I never seem to be able to get anything valuable.”

Sometimes we might have such feelings. We often want to have more values. So we want to acquire more valuable things, such as a high social standing, a respectable job, or great results.

But we cannot always succeed. As a result, we become depressed and lose faith in our ability to create our values.

In that case, I think that one solution is creating a new lifestyle, not pursuing something valuable. That might make us fulfilled.

The after-new-year clearance sale

To explain that, let me talk about my experience these days.

A few days ago, I bought a lot of fish cakes at my grocery store and froze them. Because there was an after-new-year clearance sale. There were a lot of half-priced products.

In Japan, many people celebrate the new year with traditional Japanese cuisine. And they use many fish cakes in their dishes. So fish cakes tend to be expensive before the new year.

But after the new year, many unsold products are often on clearance sale. I think clearance sales like this frequently come out after big events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on.

Focusing on cheap things

I think this is one way to create new values. Because if I create a new lifestyle by enjoying fish cakes, I can eat more affordably and joyfully.

This is not pursuing high values. Because I focused on cheap or worthless things.

But this gave me a lot of value and fulfillment. First, I can do some research and change my lifestyle. I like both of them. Second, I got more healthy because fish is good for our livers. I have had a weak liver since birth. So the custom of eating fish makes me more healthy. Finally, I can live more affordably.

Value changes itself

By the way, price and value are different. So we could create higher value with inexpensive things.

I also think that the value itself changes at the same time. The value changes of fish cakes before and after the new year are an example.

This value change is like a wave. Sometimes many people don’t need that, so it gets cheap. But sometimes many people want that, so it gets expensive.

I think this is one of the chances to create value. I can say that this is an investment view. If we can get something cheap but valuable for the future, we can get it now and preserve it with our creativity. After they reach a high value, we can consume them or sell them.

I also like to watch the value change in the financial market. And I think that the basic thought is the same as buying cheap fish cakes.


So I think that value is created not only by pursuing but also by creating a new lifestyle.

We can create value by focusing on cheap or worthless things. Even if we fail to get the valuable things that many people wish to have, we can also create our own lives. That is creating a new lifestyle.

This is how I prefer to do it. So I’m trying this path to create my life and find more fulfillment now.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.