My Worthless Logic: Chopsticks and Soy Sauce Make Japanese Healthy


Today is a diary. I’ll write freely about my thoughts. By the way, today’s logic is one of the most worthless things in this blog.😂

I think that chopsticks and soy sauce might make Japanese healthy.

Thinly sliced meat in Japan

I like watching recipe and grocery shopping videos on YouTube. And I often feel that there is some difference between Japanese and western countries’ grocery stores.

One of these is the way meat is sold in the meat section. Western countries’ stores sell mainly large chunks. On the other hand, Japanese stores sell a lot of thinly sliced meat, especially thinly sliced beef and pork.

At such a time, I frequently wondered why. I like thinking of such reasons for different lifestyles. There must be some rational reasons.

I think this is caused by how they eat. Westerners eat food with knives and forks or by hand. On the other hand, East Asians and Japanese eat with chopsticks.

Eating with forks or fingers makes it easier to eat chunked meat. But when eating with chopsticks, it’s easier to use thinly sliced meat, because we can easily pick it up. I think that made the difference.

Soy sauce prevents much of oils

And one more thing. I think Westerners, especially Americans, consume a lot of cooking oils compared to Asians, especially the Japanese. I think this is one of the reasons Japanese cuisine is assumed to be healthy.

And I think that this is also caused by chopsticks and soy sauce.

When we want to cook food quickly, like fast food or street food, it’s effective to cook at a high temperature. At such a time, it seems to me that Americans frequently fry with a lot of oil. And they use salt and pepper, basically. Salt and pepper are fit to fry.

On the other hand, I think that Asians tend to like stir-fry when they want to cook in a short time. Because they tend to use chopsticks when they eat.

In addition, they often use soy or liquid sauce as a seasoning rather than salt and pepper. The liquid sauce is not suitable for frying because oils spread.

I think the Japanese really like soy sauce. And they like boiling with broth. I can say that Japanese cuisine mainly uses fish broth and soy sauce. So I think they use fewer vegetable oils.


So I can say that chopsticks and soy sauce make Japanese healthy. Thinly sliced meat and soy sauce make it difficult to fry. So they use fewer vegetable oils.

Maybe there’s no problem for people with healthy livers or who seldom eat them. But I think that it’s terrible for people with weakened livers. Highly heated oils damage our livers easily. Two years ago, I damaged my liver. At the time, I finally, painfully noticed that.

This might be incorrect and worthless logic, but I like thinking of reasons like this.😁

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.