Why Following Our Subconscious Voices Usually Fulfills Us


Today is about the phycology of our subconsciousness.

I think that if we follow our subconscious direction, we will be fulfilled in the long term.

The voice of subconsciousness

Sometimes, we want to hear our subconscious voices. Especially when we are lost in the direction of our lives. At such a time, we want to know what is important to us. In other words, we easily get confused in our ways when we lose our own sense of value.

At such a time, if we can listen to the subconscious voices, we will have a certain direction. That will give us confidence.

By the way, several years ago, I heard one person say, “I cannot hear my subconscious voice. How can I hear it?”

But I think it’s not true. Because the subconscious voice is usually what we hear. For example, voices such as “I get hungry” or “I want to sleep” are examples of subconscious voices.

So, today, I’ll talk about our subconscious voice. If we understand what the subconscious voice is, we might be able to have a certain direction in our lives.

Purpose of subconsciousness

To explain that, let me talk about the purpose of subconsciousness. Why do we have both consciousness and subconsciousness?

I think that one of the reasons is to behave well in our society. Our surface-conscious exists to help us adapt to our society. On the other hand, our deep-subconscious exists to fulfill ourselves.

For example, when our arms itch, we will scratch them. This is subconscious work. But if we are in a public space, such as a stage at some ceremony, we cannot do it easily. Because many people are looking to us. This is conscious work.

In other words, we are torn between social behaviors and our own wants. The surface-conscious insists on how to behave socially, and the deep-subconscious insists on our fulfillment.

Subconscious knows what we really want

If we understand this, the rest is simple. If we followed our subconscious voices, we usually feel fulfillment in the long term.

In the previous article, I mentioned that “our subconscious knows what we really want.” That is no surprise.

Because our bodies’ desires are almost always correct. When we feel hungry, we are actually hungry. Of course, sometimes our feelings might be wrong, but I think that’s almost always true.

So if we followed our subconscious direction, we would be fulfilled in the long term, even if we had repressions.

Knowledge of the world is the key

I think that the problem is the obsession with belonging to the current society. In other words, knowledge of the world is the key. We don’t stick to current society when we realize how vast and diverse the world is. There would be some societies that fit us.

Of course, although, we could fail in the short term if we followed our subconscious voices. Because we don’t have accurate knowledge.

But we can modify our knowledge. This is like our journey. We can say our knowledge is the map, and our subconscious voice tells us the direction.

In that case, the map can be wrong, but we can update it as we progress. As a result, even if we fail in the short term due to a lack of knowledge, we can find our way in the long run.


So, we can say that if we follow our subconscious direction, we will be fulfilled in the long term.

When we feel intolerable pain from our surroundings, we can say we belong to the wrong society. In other words, we cannot make any progress when we feel “intolerable”.

At that time, we can change two things: our surroundings or the society we belong.

If we choose to change our surroundings, we don’t need to listen to our subconscious voices. Perhaps I can say that this is the problem of surface-conscious strength.

But if we decide to change ourselves and select the other society we belong to, I think that following our subconscious is one way. Our subconscious may give us great wisdom.

If so, we might be able to find a better society and live better.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.