Hints for the New Values Are in the Feelings, “I Don’t Know Why, but I Feel Something”


Today is about how to change.

I think that the hints for the new values are in the feelings, such as “I don’t know why, but I feel something.”

The hints to the new values

We frequently desire more values. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I think that there are two ways to obtain value: by competing and by creating.

I like creating because competing with others makes me exhausted. Perhaps you also feel the same.

At that time, we need to create something new from the “worthless things” around us.

However, we frequently experience difficulties finding out the possibilities, because there are so many “worthless things.”

In this case, we could get some hints from the feelings, such as “I don’t know why, but I feel something.” Then we might create new values.

Interest in cheap vegetables

To explain that, let me talk about my experience these days.

Recently, I have had a curious habitual behavior. That is, I like to check the price of vegetables in the small store near my house every day.

There are many cheap vegetables in that shop because of their unusual shapes, minor wounds, minor color changes, and so on. Certainly, they look a little bad, but we can eat them as well as the normal ones.

But many times, I cannot buy them. Because they are not sold individually, and there are far too many for me. I live alone, but those vegetables are for a family of over 5–10 people. I cannot consume over 30 lemons! 😂

However, I was really interested in the price. So I checked the shop every day. I didn’t know why. Many people will think that the behavior is meaningless. I felt the same, but I felt something.

Recently, I found that that is the feeling of possibilities. In other words, when we feel something possible, we first feel, “I don’t know why, but I feel something.”

Listening to our subconscious’s voice

I think this is one of our subconscious voices. Sometimes, our subconscious gives us good wisdom. Because our subconscious knows what we really want. So, in my experience, when I followed the voice of subconsciousness, I usually felt fulfillment in the long term.

Usually, we feel nothing toward “worthless things.” Because it’s a waste of time to think about meaningless things.

But if we feel something toward such “worthless things,” I think that has some reason.

Actually, after that, I found great value in these cheap vegetables. I found that I could make dried vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits. And I also noticed that I could create my own food culture by using such dried vegetables.

I can preserve them easily because they are dried. So I can buy lots of seasonal vegetables affordably. In addition, I like trying new cooking methods. That’s fun for me.


So if we want to create more values, I think that the hints are in the feelings, such as “I don’t know why, but I feel something.”

We easily ignore these feelings, because they seem nonsense. But there are meanings. If they are really nonsense, we don’t feel anything.

We may feel these things from many sources, such as people, books, blogs, YouTube channels, cheap products, and sometimes even garbage that we could use more of. I think these are all possibilities.

We don’t need to force ourselves to do something to them. The important thing is understanding. I don’t need to force myself to buy the vegetables before noticing their value.

If we notice the existence of curiosities and understand their meanings, we might get some hints for creating new values.

I’m going to have fun with dried vegetables and fruits.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.