The Journey Begins With Going Against the Current Situation


Today is about how to make a change.

I think that our changes begin with going against the current situation, not preparing.

One traveling cyclist

When I was riding my bicycle a few days ago, I noticed a cyclist who was on a long-term journey. There were many bags on his bicycle. And there was a card saying “I’m on the round-Japan trip” on his bicycle’s back.

Maybe I cannot do such heavy-duty travel because I’m easily tired physically. But it’s a little enviable for me.

I think I prefer migrating to traveling. Because I’d like to learn about new cultures. I like sightseeing, but I also want to change my lifestyle.

But we often feel we cannot do it right now. So we try to prepare for it.

Preparation is necessary. However, it doesn’t always result in any changes. We frequently feel stagnated and have to wait for something for a long time.

Recently, I noticed that we can change the “waiting time” to “the problem we can solve.” In other words, our journey begins with going against the current society, not preparing. That would result in quick changes.

Going against the society

To explain that, let’s take a look at the image below.

↑ We frequently see this image these days.

There are two elements: society and the frontier. Society means the current situation here. If we want to get out of the current situation, we’ll go to the frontier.

So, the logic is simple. Walking toward the new frontier gives us “the next problem we need to solve.” After we answer it with our creativity, we will be able to walk more outside.

And then we will notice that it’s the problem of our creativity, not waiting for any future chances that we don’t know will happen.

Of course, sometimes we might have to wait. But we understand that it’s just a matter of time. We are not only not feeling stagnated, but we can also wait with anticipation.

Walking our own way

Sometimes, this would give us our own way. In other words, our characteristics shape our own paths.

For example, if I wanted to enjoy Thai cuisine, I’d go to the Asian grocery store and buy the food or ingredients. Then I’ll cook it myself. Because I can cook. Then I can take a few steps toward the frontier, where I enjoy Thai cuisine.

Even if we cannot cook, we might also enjoy it in an Asian restaurant. Or if we have a friend who is a chef, we might be able to ask the person to cook. Our characteristics shape our own paths.

And we’d come across new difficulties to solve step by step. If I’m not filled with cooking by myself, that means I have some new difficulty to solve.

So, we can understand that these problems can be solved with our creativity. If it’s caused by my poor cooking skills, I can learn them. Or if it’s caused by a lack of tools, I can search for and buy them.

And we can find that that’s our own way. If we haven’t reached Thailand yet, our journey has already started. Because we are already walking toward the frontier.


So, our changes begin with going against the current situation, not preparing.

When we start walking toward the new frontier, we can find new difficulties. We can solve it with our creativity.

At that time, we would not feel stagnation as long as we tried to solve it with our creativity. And we don’t need to wait for the future fortune that we don’t know will happen.

Then our characteristics make our own way. I think this path is the best option for us. Even if it’s a slow journey, it’s a great journey. Nobody can tell whether traveling by airplane or bicycle is better.

If we understand this, we might be able to start our own journey.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.