Recently, I’ve Come To Favor the Meditating State Rather Than Achieving Goals


Today is about my lifestyle.

After I released my repressions, I found that I favored the meditative mental state rather than achieving goals.

After Releasing my repressions

This summer, I experienced an impressive event. That is, I released my repressions.

Repression is one of the subconscious rules that we learned as children. Sometimes these rules keep us from going against critical social rules.

But sometimes, these rules prevent us from achieving our goals. Especially when the rules appear to be unnecessary after we have grown up.

I had a lot of unnecessary repressions. But fortunately, I was able to release these rules. Then my values changed dramatically.

One of these is that I’ve come to favor the meditating state rather than achieving goals.

Meditation vs. achieving goals

Until this summer, I valued achieving goals. I thought it gave me happiness. I think you know this feeling. For example, we usually think, “If I had more money, I could accomplish my goals easily.”

But now, I like to keep in a meditating mental state rather than goal achievement. Maybe because I understood that my “goal” is to live in a meditative mental state.

This mental state is just what I wanted. This is a peaceful mind.

And this meditating state fits me better than the excitement of achieving goals. I think achieving excitement usually comes along with the stress of competition. But meditating gives me a feeling of freedom.

I like creating something freely rather than competing with others. So I found that the meditating state fits me.

Getting vs. Giving up

By the way, I think this preference affects our lifestyles. There are two major ways to achieve our wishes: by “getting” or by “giving up.”

I think the approach to achieving goals is “how to get.” We can accomplish our wishes by getting something.

But there is another approach to making our wishes come true. That is “how to give up.” This is the meditative approach.

Which way are we going?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have two directions for achieving our wishing. To the social center or to the new frontier. (Image below)

When we don’t want to compete in society or want to get out of our current situation, the meditation approach works well. Because “getting out” is not competing with others. That’s only “how to give up.”

And I noticed that what I wanted to keep was the peaceful mental state of meditation.

After I noticed this, I came to feel that it was easy to keep this mental state. I don’t need to compete with others or accomplish something. Simply give up. It gives me a peaceful mental state.


So, after I released my repressions, I found that I favored the meditative mental state rather than achieving goals.

After we give up unnecessary wishes, we will be able to live with our important things. The more we give up, the more we can concentrate on our living.

I think this is one way of living freely. I don’t recommend this way for many people. But for the people who wish for more freedom and developing a new frontier with a peaceful mind, I think this could be the one way.

I like freedom and a peaceful mind, so I’m trying this way now.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.