Throwing Convenience Away Gives Us Change


Today is about how to change our lives.

Today’s conclusion is that if we want to get out of our current situation, one way is to throw away conveniences.

How to get out of the current situation

Sometimes we want to get out of our current situation. We may have many problems that cause a lot of stress for us. Or we may have some dreams, so we may want to change ourselves.

However, we cannot always change easily. We often feel there are many concerns and difficulties. So we tend to acquire more money or resources to prepare for the change. But it tends to keep us in the current situation.

In that case, I think that one solution is to throw away the convenience of the current situation. In other words, understanding the next two things.

  • Changing our lifestyles makes us change.
  • Acquiring “safety resources to change” doesn’t make us change.

This distinction could give us change.

Relation of society and frontier

To explain that, let’s take a look at the relation of society and frontier. (The image below.)

Like the above image, there are two elements: society and the frontier.

Society and frontier

We belong to some society or situation. Both are the same thing.

If we already have stress in our current society, the closer we get to the social center, the more stressed we become. Because the social center is the most stressful place in society. There are more restrictions on our behavior.

But the social center is the most convenient place if we fit into society.

On the other hand, there is a frontier outside our society. There may be other societies.

When we move toward the frontier, we get less stress from the current society. But it means that we have to rebuild our lifestyles because we cannot access the social convenience.

We don’t need more conveniences

Then we want to get out of the current society or situation.

In this state, it is clear that we don’t need more convenience in our current society. Because once we leave here, we don’t use them in many cases.

Furthermore, the farther we are from the society, the less stress we have. That makes us more easily to change our lifestyle.

In other words, we can change with fewer resources. Because we can understand more precisely the necessities of our new life.

Changing photographer to blogger example

For example, suppose that we are in the photographer’s society. But we are stressed, so we want to stop that activity and begin blogging.

In this case, we don’t have to make the photographer’s activities more convenient, such as finding easier printing ways or better photo studios. Because the most necessary thing is to know how to live in the new blogging society.

So, we can understand that the important thing is changing our lifestyle to fit the new situation.

Then we will know what resources we require.

The big misunderstanding

However, many people misunderstand that “if I make more money or resources, I can move to another society more safely.”

So they cannot change. Because they begin to improve their photographer’s work. In other words, they are moving toward the center of society to get more convenience in their situation.

But that’s the wrong direction. “Changing lifestyle” and “making resources” are different things.

If they don’t change the direction, they will come to feel that “I cannot find my new possibilities.” Because they are staying in the social center, not moving toward outside society.


So, when we want to change ourselves, I think that one solution is to throw away the convenience of the current situation.

If we throw away the convenience of the current situation, we can rebuild the lifestyle easily. That makes us change easily to fit the new society.

After that, it tells us what resources we need. As a result, we are motivated and will be able to get necessities with fewer resources.

When we understand this, we might change faster and easier.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.