Not Enough Negative Thoughts Cause Fears


Today is about psychology.

Today’s conclusion is that not enough negative thoughts cause our fears.

How can we reduce our fears?

Sometimes we have fears. Especially when we encountered unexpected troubles.

I think fear is one of the most important emotions. Because we cannot survive without it. Fears save us from many risks.

But sometimes we have fears that we want to avoid. For example, when we want to change our lives, we could feel fear. Maybe we feel more fear when we’re going to make a drastic change.

If so, how can we reduce these unwanted fears?

I think one way is that we have enough negative thoughts. In other words, a lack of negative thoughts causes us to be fearful.

The role of the positive and negative mind

To explain that, let’s look at the role of the positive and negative mind.

We have two mental states: positive and negative. When we accomplish something actively, we need both of them.

Because they have each role. The role of these is like this:

  • Positive mental role: To change our outer world. In this state, we don’t change our inner values.
  • Negative mental role: To change our inner values. Like goals, possibilities, and life direction. In this state, we don’t change our outer world.

Positive and Negative mind wave

This alternation of positive and negative mental states occurs as cycles in our mind. It’s like a wave. (Image below)

The necessity of negative

When we wish to accomplish something outside, we need to take positive action.

But we cannot always accomplish it. There are many difficulties with this world. And we usually have limits on our resources. In many cases, we reach the limit of what we can do outside.

At that time, we need to change something in our inner mind. If we did so, we would find some new ways. For example, we could temporarily change the goal or direction, or we could get alternatives.

I think “creative” means “changing something inside efficiently.” These creative changes give us better results. It’s better than getting nothing by sticking to the first plan.

The negative mental state gives us creativity. In fact, I feel that creative people are typically negative.

How we achieve goals

When we face difficulties or the need to change something, we first slow down or stop what we are doing and fall into a negative state. Because it seems that we would not solve these problems, even if we continued our current activities. So we get negative to change something in our minds.

However, there is an advantage to this state. That is, we don’t have fears.

Fears come from the outside. We have fewer fears as we slow down our activities. That gives us a feeling of safety.

So we can throw away unnecessary wishes.

So we can change outside

After changing our inner values, we begin to act outside. In other words, we get positive in order to change the situation.

In this state, we don’t change our inner values. Only changing outside.

Then, after we reached the limit of what we could change outside, we began to be negative again to modify our inner values. It’s like a wave.

We can say that this is one of our feedback systems. It’s a rational system.

We have fears when we are positive

Let’s return to the subject of fear. We can say that we have fears when we are in a positive mental state.

But if we had enough negative minds, we would have fewer fears. Because we already considered many risks, and thrown away unnecessary wishes.

Actually, we usually get fears by unexpected troubles. But if we assume them, there should be no fears. Because they’re only troubles.

In other words, not enough negative thoughts cause our fears.


So, in my thought, having enough negative thoughts reduces our fears. Especially, when we are in situations that we often encounter unexpected things. Such as when doing many trials and errors.

I think this is one of the characteristics of fear.

And positive and negative states are both necessary for overcoming difficulties. Certainly, negative minds stop our activity temporarily. But it gives us creativity and helps in the long term.

If we understand this, we might accomplish our wishes efficiently.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.