Thank You for Hanging Out With Me This Year!


Today is my diary and the summary of this year.

I think that this year is the most changing year for me, especially for my mind.

This year was a changing year for me

A new year will be here soon! So let me talk about this year for me.

This year was a changing year for me. I significantly improved both my physical and mental health.

First, I got into a healthy physical state after I began to chew my food well. I think I have had a weak liver from birth, and chewing food well is beneficial to my liver. So I feel better than when I was in elementary school.

Then I got into a healthy mental state. After I created my investment strategy, I was able to release my anxieties about my money. And this made the next experience possible.

The most impressive experience was releasing my repressions. Repression is one of the mental rules that we learn as children. And I had a lot of unnecessary repressions. These repressions cause me many mental problems, like flashbacks.

But this summer, I felt the desire to go to the sea near my house, and I visited frequently. It seemed that I unintentionally meditated there. Unexpectedly, then, I was able to release my repressions.

My mental state improved dramatically

That experience had a big impact on me. My mental issues went away, and I’ve got to have a peaceful mind. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I found that this is what I wanted for a long time.

Before this summer, I struggled with my mind. But now, I almost don’t have any mental issues anymore.

For example, after I graduated from the university, I had flashbacks once every 5–10 minutes. But now the last flashback was a few days ago. And I released the emotion at that time, so I would never get the flashback about that event.

This is really peaceful! Finally, I realized that this is the mental state of someone who has a healthy mind.

So I started changing. One of the changes is starting this blog. I wanted to write a blog like this for a long time.


So I think this year was the greatest year of my life. Maybe this year was the changing year of my inner world.

Of course, I had some shocking and sad events because of my changes. But I accepted them. Because these events occurred as a result of my past.

I don’t know what will happen next year, but I’m going to try creating my own way.

Anyway, thank you for reading. This is the last article of the year. Have a good New Year! See you in the next article.