Anyone Who Can Change Their Food Culture Can Easily Change Their Lives

Today, let’s talk about how to change. I think that anyone who can change their food culture can easily change their lives.

The confidence to change

We sometimes want to change, especially when we wish to escape our current bad situations.

But sometimes we might not have the confidence to change. We could lose our confidence when we have many troubles, such as stagnation, failures, or exhaustion.

At such a time, we might be able to get back our confidence if we understand the logic that “the person who can change food culture can change everything.” This is the logic that I just found from my experience. But I think that this logic could help us.

My first taste of Thai food

To explain that, let me talk about my experience with Thai food. I like Thai food. I’m not good with hot peppers, but if I remove them, it’s OK.

However, when I first tasted Thai food, I felt terrible. It was the age at which I started working on my own a few years after graduating from university.

I clearly remember that it was a canned Thai green curry. I found a canned Thai green curry in my grocery store that had become a trending topic several years before. I was curious, so I bought and tried it.

My first impression of the green curry was terrible, as I mentioned above. “What is this smell!? Who eats this!?” I wondered. Maybe because I was completely unfamiliar with the flavor of coconut milk.

But the next day, I had a curious aftertaste. I felt, “Actually, that was unfamiliar, but I want to eat it again someday soon.”

Person nature who can change themselves

Perhaps I acquired the taste. We tend to trust “familiar tastes” because we know that they are safe to eat. And after eating green curry, my body recognized that that was safe food. So my body seemed to get familiar with it.

I think that the speed of “acquiring new tastes” depends on the person’s nature. There are two types of people: those who can change themselves easily and those who cannot change themselves after they grow up.

I think that this is caused by our human nature. People who can change easily are fit for developing new frontiers. On the other hand, people who can’t change easily are fit for maintaining society. Both are important for maintaining and developing our species.

I believe that I’m the type of person who can easily change. So I tend to acquire new tastes easier.

And I also think that if we can change our food culture, we can change ourselves easily. Because food is the most basic element of our lives.

Some people cannot accept other food cultures after they grow up. For example, while I eventually got to enjoy green curry, my parents and some friends kept refusing it. They didn’t want to change themselves at all. I think that they are the people who are fit for maintaining society.


So I think that anyone who can change their food culture can easily change their lives. Because food culture is the most basic element of our lives.

This is the logic from my experience, but I think that there is some rationality. When we lose faith in our ability to change, this logic might help us.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.