The Meaning of Picky Eating in Adults

Today, let’s talk about human nature. I think that there are some reasons for picky eating in adults.

People who want to eat the same foods

I’m interested in food cultures these days. Perhaps you’ve already noticed it from my articles in this blog.

When I search for nutrition information, sometimes I come across certain phrases. These are “the risks of picky eating” or “how to overcome picky eating.” In this article, we define “picky eating” as “always eating the same foods.”

Yes, picky eating seems bad for our health, especially for children. If I were a parent, I would also let children eat various foods.

But, to be honest, I have such characteristics as a picky eater. A while after I graduated from university, I ate blueberry jam every day. And once I find something I like, I tend to concentrate on it.

I know such people. For example, I know someone who eats avocados at every meal. And another person who eats only brown rice. I heard that Warren Buffet, who is well-known for his investments, eats and drinks only cherry coke and a hamburger without any vegetables.

Why does picky eating in adults happen?

We believe it is harmful to our health. Normally, we are bored when we eat the same foods. I think that that is one of our bodies’ systems for getting various nutrients.

But actually, sometimes they want to eat certain foods without being bored. And instead of feeling bad, they feel better. I also didn’t feel bad about my health when I wanted to eat certain foods. Sometimes, after a while, I stop it.

I wonder why such “picky eating in adults” happens. I think that if picky eating is completely bad for our health, no one ever does it. Because such human species are already extinct. If the “picky eating gene” still exists in our bodies, there must be a reason for it.

I think that one of the reasons is to develop new frontiers more safely. For people who develop new frontiers, picky eating gives them safety. If we understand this logic, we might take the proper action: either accepting our picky eating or moving toward changing our lifestyles.

Social Maintainer and Frontier Developer

To explain that, let’s take a look at our human nature. There is a classification of human nature that I’m proposing. I call this classification “4 types of human nature.” (See image below.)

This time, we’ll use only horizontal axes. I think that there are two types of human nature: Social Maintainers and Frontier Developers.

  • Social Maintainers tend to eat various foods. But it is difficult to change food cultures.
  • Frontier Developers tend to be picky eaters when they are stressed. But they can change food cultures easily.

The roles of Social Maintainers

Both Social Maintainers and Frontier Developers are important to maintaining and developing our human species. Because if both sides don’t work, we will soon become extinct. To maintain our lives, we need a stable society where children can grow up safely. But if we get disasters that ruin society, we will go extinct if we don’t have new frontiers. So both are important to maintain and develop our human species.

The role of Social Maintainers is to maintain their society. Society needs to avoid risks and be stable. Because once society is ruined without any other living place, we will go extinct. So Social Maintainers tend to want stability rather than change.

So they tend to have difficulty changing their cultures, including their food cultures. And so I think they tend to acquire nutrition from various foods.

The roles of Frontier Developers

On the other hand, the role of Frontier Developers is to develop new frontiers. So they want to change the current situation. And they tend to be able to change their lifestyles easily.

In that case, there are many risks in the frontier. Maybe there are many unknown poisoned foods. So I think that they tend to be picky eaters.

In addition, if they get stressed, they need more concentration to make decisions. In other words, they don’t want to exhaust themselves by deciding what to eat during the decision-making situation. So I think they tend to be more picky eaters when they get stressed.

Frontier Developers’ picky eating

I’m a completely Frontier Developer. So I can change my food culture easily. And I tend to be a picky eater. Looking back on my past, I tended to be pickier during stressful times.

Furthermore, I think that the Frontier Developers’ picky eating seems not as harmful as we thought. Warren Buffet has been an extremely picky eater for a long time, but he keeps going. Now he is 92 years old.

Of course, I think that children need to eat various foods. Because I think that that is not an area where we choose to take risks. Perhaps there is also the other problem of the difference in taste sense between children and adults. That could result in children being picky eaters.

However, I believe that there are some other reasons for picky eating in adults, particularly in Frontier Developers. In my opinion, that is caused by stress. Or sometimes picky eating might not be so harmful. And in my experience, it was no problem for me.


So I think that there are some reasons for picky eating. That could be due to stress, and adult Frontier Developers could be safe at times.

I don’t recommend picky eating, but I think that picky eating is not the most important element for our health.

And I want to clear up this wonder. So I’m trying various styles of eating.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to accept or make other solutions for picky eating.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.