Sometimes Terrible Things Give Birth to Our Curiosity

Today, let’s talk about how to change our lives. I think that sometimes terrible things give birth to our curiosities. And these curiosities might bring about changes.

Curiosity gives us a new world

Sometimes, we want to change when we have difficulties in our lives. Especially when we don’t fit in with our societies or current situations.

At such times, we can use our curiosities to change, because our curiosities lead to our values. When we feel curious about something, that means “we might value it.” So if we followed our curiosities, we could find our valuable things easily.

Of course, even if we followed our curiosities, we might find the possibilities useless in the end. Because curiosity means the “possibility of something that we don’t know yet.” We don’t have enough knowledge or experience in this world.

But I think that even if we fail, we can learn that “there was no possibility.” So we can try other possibilities. And we can progress little by little.

However, sometimes we might not be able to find our curiosities. There could be many reasons, such as exhaustion, anxiety, or repression.

At such times, I think there is one way to find our curiosities. That is, “sometimes terrible things give birth to our curiosities.” This might be a new way.

The terrible experience could make our curiosities

To explain that, let me talk about my experiences. As I mentioned earlier, my first taste of Thai green curry was terrible. I was completely unfamiliar with the coconut milk flavor. That made me feel terrible.

But the next day, I felt curious. “Why do Thai people like that?” That is such a feeling. That made me feel like “that curious flavor could have some meaning or reason.” Sometimes healthy food tastes bad. That thought sparked my curiosity about green curry.

I also felt terrible the first time I became interested in snowboarding and FPS games. “It’s madness to fix both of our legs on a board,” I felt. And “it’s terrible with the 3D sickness,” I felt. But after learning how to move and enjoy myself, it transformed into a powerful joy for me.

As a result, I came to like all of them.

Curiosity appears in unknown places

I think that this is not surprising. Because curiosity appears in unknown places for us. We don’t know that yet, so we want to know it. That is what curiosity is. And when we feel terrible about something, it means that it’s something we don’t know yet.

Of course, every terrible thing doesn’t provide us with new curiosities. It could be meaningless or bad for us. At such a time, we would better quit and run away from it.

I believe that when we come across completely unfamiliar things, we tend to feel troubled emotions, such as terror or stress. However, such emotions could indicate possibilities. Sometimes, after we cool down, we might have some curiosity.


So I think that sometimes terrible things give birth to our curiosities. And these curiosities might bring about changes.

In other words, the things we can prospect never provide us with new curiosities. There are no possibilities where we can prospect. Perhaps the more unfamiliar, the more curiosities we can find.

If we can understand this, we might find more possibilities and hopes.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.