Characteristics Give Us Creativity

Let’s talk about my lifestyle. I think that characteristics give us creativity.

Wishes for living places

I often mention this these days, I released my repressions last summer. That changed me a lot.

One of the changes I’ve noticed is that I now have fewer desires to travel than I had previously. Maybe my desire to get out of my oppressive situation made me desire to travel “somewhere liberated from oppression.”

By the way, I had an idea of my ideal living place. That is like this: I want to live freely in a countryside house where I can see the sea. Where I grow vegetables in a self-sufficient garden. I can also concentrate on creating new products or ideas that I want to share with my followers. And I live with a peaceful mind. I dreamed of it when I was a university student.

But recently, I’ve noticed that I would be fulfilled anywhere I could live freely and peacefully. Even if I’m without the sea, such as in the forests, rivers, or mountains, I would be fulfilled.

Because the characteristics of the places give me the fun of creativity. This idea gave me a more free lifestyle.

My growing vegetable lifestyle

To explain that, let’s talk about my favorite lifestyle. I like creating something freely. So I’d rather be surrounded by good materials than finished products.

At such a time, characteristics give me creative ideas. For example, I once rented and lived in a house. Then I found there was a large, unused garden behind my house. That was the house owner’s garden. So I borrowed the garden for free and enjoyed growing a variety of vegetables. The “unused garden” is one of the characteristics.

But in the current house, there is only a small, shadowy yard. I like this house, but this is a little disappointing for me because I cannot grow vegetables. But there is a big, airy room in the house. So I tried hydroponic gardening in the room. The “big room” is also one of the characteristics. (However, I gave up due to the cost.)

And then I noticed that there is a vegetable shop near my house. These vegetables are very cheap, but too much to consume. I noticed that if I can preserve them, I can also enjoy vegetables in different ways. So I started trying to dry or preserve vegetables. The “cheap and too many vegetables” is also one of the characteristics.

Characteristics give us creativities

I found that these characteristics of the places, such as an unused garden, a big room, and cheap vegetables, gave me creativity. If there are some “cheap or affordable things,” we can add value with our creativity.

We can get them cheaply, so we can try them easily. Even if we failed, we wouldn’t feel much pain because it was cheap. However, if we are successful in adding value, we will have great value and fulfillment.

I think that these characteristics may be everywhere if we feel “unusual.” If I lived near the river, I would find some characteristics. If I lived near the mountain, I would find it, too.

So I’ve noticed that I would be fulfilled anywhere I could live freely and peacefully. I grew up near the sea, so I know the value of the sea. But there are many unknown values in the world. I can try everywhere. There’s no need to live near the sea.


So I think that characteristics give us the fun of creativity. And I like creating something. So, cheap or affordable things make me happier because I can try them easily.

I also think that many people don’t want to be creative. So they would rather be surrounded by good finished products than good materials. So I think that “the unusual place surrounded by good materials” tends to be cheaper. I think this is one of the chances to live affordably while enjoying a creative life.

If we understand this, we might find more chances and live a better life more affordably.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.