Additional Explanation About the Difference Between Our Patience and Motivation

Recently, I have explained my wave theory. And today, I will talk about an additional explanation a little more. It is about the difference between our patience and motivation.

How to switch our patience to motivation

As I mentioned in an earlier post (this article), we have three energy sources: the environment, motivation, and patience. If we can use them efficiently, we will reduce our patience.

But sometimes, we don’t know how to switch our patience to motivation. When we are used to being patient, we tend to want more patience, even if we know it is a short-term, inappropriate way to live our long lives.

And the more we depend on such short-term patience, the more we will give up creating our long-term future. In such a situation, we often despair: “When I cannot stand it anymore, that is also when my life crashes. Perhaps my life will end at that time. And that is okay if I can get out of this suffering.”

Perhaps that is one of our lives. But, to be honest, I want to stop such negative cycles when I am in such situations.

That is why switching our patience to motivation matters.

The difference between patience and motivation

I think we can switch them by changing our thoughts about our goals.

To explain it, let me explain the difference between patience and motivation.

  • Patience: We use this to obtain things that our society values. We want the result rather than the process. We can easily understand the value of the result. We often use negative mental power to obtain this, such as envy or anger. And they work well to be patient.
  • Motivation: We use this to enjoy things that we value. We want the process rather than the result. We know or anticipate the joy of the process. We often use positive mental power to enjoy this, such as love or kindness. And they work well to multiply motivation.

So, we can easily understand that the more patient we are, the less love or kindness we have. But we can certainly get closer to the result. On the other hand, if we can do things with our motivation, we can easily share our love or kindness. But it is uncertain how much we can get closer to the results. Perhaps you feel it, too.

There are a lot of values in this world

And this awareness would give us a new direction in our lives: there are a lot of values in this world. Some may want to live in the center of New York. And some may want to live in the countryside of East Asia. In other words, there are always people who value our lives, no matter where or how we live.

If so, we can understand that there are also other goals in the direction of our motivation because some people value it. Sometimes, it is a minor goal, such as living in East Asia. But if we are in a place where our surroundings feel gratitude for our existence, we can understand that there is a place to live comfortably. Even if it is a few people, even if it is not here.

Shifting our values

To switch from patience to motivation, we can shift our values from our current easy-to-understand goals to the vague goals in our joys. Look at and imagine what is likely in the direction of our joys. It is often unclear, but it will be a fun way.

In other words, it is okay if we have vague goals in the early stages. We don’t need to clarify it in the first stages when we ride our waves. Our motivation will make our goals clearer little by little.

Of course, whichever we choose, there are risks. Both could crush our lives. I never say, “Following our passion makes everything better!” I am not such a positive person.

But once we find people who love our activities, our world changes. It gives us possibilities in the middle or long term.

Then, which way do we want to go? Of course, if there is a good environment, it is best to join in. But if we cannot find it, we can choose vague goals.

The bottom line

So, I think we can switch our patience to motivation by changing our thoughts about our goals.

We can also choose a vague goal. We can start a life without guarantees. But it often gives us motivation.

Perhaps this is one of the lifestyles we can choose. Some people, at least me, like this way of living. I often change my goals in life.

If we can understand this way, we might be able to enjoy our lives with less patience.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.