My First Product in This Blog Might Be the “Story Tarot Cards”

Now I am creating a new product. So today, I will talk about it.

The first product may be the “Story Tarot Cards”

As I said above, I am trying to create a new product. I call it the “Story Tarot Cards” currently.

It is a set of 36 cards for idea creation, like tarot cards. We can use it to create new ideas in our lives as an alternative to tarot cards. Of course, for story writers, we can use it for story writing to construct story logic.

An idea-creation tool

I like new ways of thinking to improve my life. So, I often try to understand our mental system and create new ways to find new value.

And I wanted an idea-creation tool. In my opinion, the “new idea” is a new link that connects our knowledge. In other words, we usually already have materials. What we need is how to combine them.

I also think that creativity means “noticing we can use it in another way.” We have a lot of things we think are worthless. But we could use them as materials for other valuable things. “I can use it for this!” We are excited when we find creative ways.

If we can find such new combinations one after another, it will be great because we can improve our lives with our creativity. Our garbage suddenly turns into gems!

The Story Tarot Cards tell us new ideas

So, I started to create the “Story Tarot Cards.” This is a tool to take the materials inside us out and combine them.

By the way, I also like the structure of the stories. I think “story” is a sequence to solve a problem with heroes. There are several typical ways to solve their problems in stories.

I noticed we can use it to solve problems in our lives. And I have researched the structure of stories for many years. So, I applied it to my new product.

We can use it for story creation

Of course, for story writers, we can use it in story creation.

Now, we may be able to create stories with AI. But AI answers are based on a lot of data in the world. They don’t take out the ideas that are hard to verbalize inside us. What we—at least me when I wrote stories in the past—want is the tool that shows us our inside, not others’.

In addition, I knew that some storywriters often use tarot cards to realize their ideas. But tarot cards are sometimes hard to construct the story logic because they provide only what we can see. I wanted the iconic cards with invisible things, such as logic or time order.

So, I started to create the new product. Perhaps it is more precise to say a “logic-construction tool” than an “idea-creation tool” when we use it in story writing.

Current progress

I am trying to make such a tool. Honestly, the motivation above for creating is something that I added later. I don’t know why I want to make it. My inner voice told me to make it. I just followed it.

I am going to complete it and release it early because this is one of the concepts. If I succeed in releasing the concept, it will be a success for me. Quality doesn’t matter. And what I need to create are only 36 cards and manuals. Although I don’t know if I can finish it, I am trying it now.

I am about 40–50% in progress now. I completed making each card idea. Now, I am creating the cards.

The bottom line

So, I am trying to create a new product. The new product may be the “Story Tarot Cards.”

I will release it for free on this blog if I can complete it.

By the way, as I become more concentrated on creating it, I may update this blog less frequently.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.