Environment, Motivation, and Patience: How to Deal With the 3 Elements to Change Our Futures

I have mentioned my wave theory these days. And today, I will talk about the three elements that would change our future. If we understand the difference between them, we might be able to change our futures easier.

Why cannot we keep our motivation?

One day, someone tweeted with depression, “I determined to become a novel writer last month. So I made an effort. But I lost my motivation and gave up this time, too. I have always been like this. I cannot keep my motivation.”

He seemed to want a hobby that he could do energetically. So he tried many things. At that time, he tried to write a novel. He seemed to make a lot of effort, such as learning a lot of textbooks, writing every day, and publishing the results on SNS every day.

But he could not continue it because “I cannot keep my motivation,” in his words.

Sometimes, we want to have a joyful, energetic activity. Or we sometimes want to do things highly appreciated by others. So we try to make efforts to be such people.

But we often fail due to a “lack of motivation.” In the beginning, we can do it energetically. But we often lose our motivation rapidly. So, we give it up soon.

Why cannot we keep our motivation?

So today, I will talk about the three elements—environment, motivation, and patience. If we understand how to deal with them, we might be able to do things energetically and change our future.

Three power sources to change our futures

In my opinion, there are three energy sources to change our futures, as follows:

  • Environment: Our environment gives us a longer-term, long-lasting power to change. If we are in a good environment, we can make an ideal future without effort or motivation.
  • Motivation: Our motivation gives us the middle-term, balanced power to change. If we ride waves of motivation, we can change environments easily with excitement and without patience.
  • Patience: Our patience gives us a short-term, high power to change. If we use this power, we can do various things even if we don’t have motivation or a good environment. But it doesn’t last.

If we can distinguish how to deal with them, we can change our futures without effort.

The example of a moving place on the ocean

To explain that, assume we are on a small board in the ocean. And we want to move to another place. In such a situation, we can use three energy sources. Our environment is a sea current, our motivation is waves, and our patience is a paddle.

If we want to go far, we first search for a good sea current because it is the most efficient way to change places. If we are on the current, it carries us naturally.

Then, to get to such a current, we search for good waves. We can ride waves, like surfing.

Finally, we use our paddles to get to the place where there are good waves. Or if there is a good environment nearby, we can go there directly without using waves of motivation.

So, we often need to use our paddles of patience at the very beginning. But we don’t want to use them until the distant goal because it is too hard to travel long distances.

Don’t confuse them with patience

If we cannot distinguish the three energy sources, it is often hard to accomplish our goals. The person I introduced at the beginning of this article is an example. He tried to reach a far-distant goal, being the novel writer, only by relying on his paddle and muscles. It might not be impossible, but it is too hard to accomplish with only patience.

In other words, he confused motivation with patience. He said he was not able to keep his “motivation.” But, to be precise, he relied on his patience. That is not motivation. If we ride on waves of motivation, we feel excitement. Although we need balance and attention to ride waves, we don’t get tired while riding our motivations.

Perhaps we have to be patient more or less at the beginning when we start something new. But we don’t need to be patient all the way. There are other energy sources that we can use: the environment and motivation.

And don’t confuse them with patience. A good environment carries someone to an ideal future easily. That is neither their patience nor their effort. People who accomplished might say, “I accomplished with my patience! So you should also be patient! Make an effort!” But that is their misunderstanding. Their environment helped them. They just are not aware of it.

The bottom line

So, I think there are three energy sources to change our futures: the environment, motivation, and patience.

It is better to distinguish them if we try to accomplish something with patience. Patience is powerful, but it doesn’t last long. Combining other energy sources will bring us to an ideal future.

If we understand this way of using patience, we might be able to create our future easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.