When We Think, “I May Still Use This for Something,” It Has Already Done Its Role

Several days ago, I closed my Twitter account because I felt it had already done its role. So today, I will talk about this topic: when we think, “I may still use this for something,” it has already done its role.

How to let go of unnecessary things

I often mention this: we sometimes want to change our lives. In my life, letting go of something often leads to gaining something. In other words, if we hesitate to let go of something unnecessary, it often prevents our changes, in my experience.

But it is hard to discard something that still looks valuable, such as clothes, tools, or relationships. We often feel for them, “I may still use this for something.” So, we sometimes cannot let go of them.

At such times, this way of thinking might work: when we think, “I may still use this for something,” it has already done its role. This might make it easier for us to let go of unnecessary things.

What is the purpose of being together?

The reason is simple. When we think, “I may still use this for something,” we have already completed the purpose of it. Unless we intended to be together from the beginning, we chose to be together for some purpose.

But after either we or it completes the purpose, it is natural to part because our purpose or direction already doesn’t match. “Being together” was not the purpose from the beginning.

Of course, we can also use it for another purpose. For example, we may be able to turn our old clothes into pot holders or oven gloves. But it also means it is the result of finding another purpose for each other.

It is time to part with it, no matter how much we know its value. From another perspective, if we understand the value of each future, we can accept parting with it. We both have a future. And we can respect that.

The case of closing my Twitter account was the same. Although the Twitter account was a tool and not a person, it was the same. I had been worried about whether I would close the account for months. And several days ago, I noticed it. So, I was finally able to do it.

Changing can not be a heavy thing

I also came to think that changing is not a heavy thing. Perhaps opening and closing an account is something we can do casually.

In my case, it didn’t affect my life. I can start it again if I have another purpose. It doesn’t cost. If I am attractive, followers will come. There is no big problem.

After noticing that, I felt relaxed.

The bottom line

So, when we think, “I may still use this for something,” I think it has already done its role. We can let go of it. Or we can make another purpose of being together.

If we understand this perspective, we might be able to start and stop something easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.