How to Find a Good “Sea Current” to Go Well Effortlessly

These days, I have talked about a way of thinking to motivate ourselves with my wave theory. (Tag: wave theory) So today, I will talk about the concept of “sea current.” If we find it and ride it, we can go well without effort or motivation.

How to find a good “sea current”

Sometimes, we have a continuous fortune that leads us to our ideal future. In such times, we have various unrelated fortunes unintentionally. And it makes us move forward in our future wonderfully. Perhaps you have also experienced such a state.

It is like a sea current. We are floating on the ocean. The “sea current” is an invisible force that carries us naturally in a certain direction, even if we do nothing. In other words, it is a natural force that shapes our future.

There are good and bad currents around us. If we are in a good current, everything goes well with great timing. In such a state, necessary people or things come with great timing, unintentionally. But if we are in a bad current, everything goes wrong, no matter how hard we struggle.

So, we often want to get a good current and get out of a bad one.

But we don’t know how to deal with such a “sea current.” So today, I will explain how to find and ride a good current. If we understand this, we might be able to create our future easier.

The difference between waves and currents

The way to find and ride a good current is simple. Find a good environment and get in there.

To explain that, let me talk about the difference between waves and currents. In recent articles, I have explained how to ride waves. Riding waves and riding currents are different, as follows:

  • Riding waves: The “waves” arise from our inside. It creates a shorter-term, higher power to change. To ride waves well, we focus on our inside.
  • Riding currents: The “currents” arise from our environments, the outside. It creates a longer-term, long-lasting power to change. To ride currents, we focus on our environment.

Our environment also affects us

Our environment creates our currents. This is not a surprising concept. Not only our inside but also our environment affect us.

For example, if we are young students in an ordinary public school, we will naturally be employees because they teach us how to become employees. On the other hand, if we are in culinary school, we will naturally be chefs. These are natural currents.

In a good environment, we will have many great fortunes with the best timing. For example, assume we want to become chefs in the future. And if we move to a culinary school from an ordinary school, there are many opportunities we have never had. We will get many fortunes, such as a place where we can cook, good people with similar values, a lot of knowledge and wisdom to learn, and finding a job when we graduate.

What I call “fortune” is such a thing. It may look like usual for those in a good current. But it is entirely different for someone in a bad environment.

Focusing on our environment to change our currents

So, to find and change the current, we focus on our environment.

To know our current currents, try asking ourselves, “If I don’t change anything, what will my future be?” The answer will tell us our current currents.

To change the current, try asking ourselves, “What kind of environment would naturally bring me to my ideal life?” And try putting ourselves in such an environment for as long as possible. That will lead us to the new current.

We don’t need to be patient for a long time

These concepts of waves and currents give us great ease of change because we don’t have to ride waves until we accomplish our goals. We can ride waves just until there is a good current.

Riding waves give us a powerful change in our lives. But sometimes, it is hard to use it for the long term. At such a time, we can set our goals to reach a good environment. If we get a good environment, the current will naturally carry us to a good future.

For example, if we want to be chefs, we don’t have to work hard until we become chefs in an ordinary school. We can work hard until we move to culinary school or get a job at a good restaurant where we can learn culinary. It is easier in many cases.

But sometimes, it is hard to find good environments. For example, if we want to go our way, such as living quietly in the countryside, it would be hard to find such a school or community.

At such a time, try to take as much distance from the stressful place as possible. And try to create our lifestyles. Such a continuous action of “taking a distance” would lead us to other new currents.

The bottom line

So, we can ride both waves and currents. Waves arise from our inside. Currents arise from our environments.

A good current leads us to our ideal future. We can set a goal to go there.

If we understand this, we might be able to create our future easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.