Perhaps “Multiplying” Is a Key to Increasing Our Motivation

Although I have talked about our motivation a lot these days, I want to talk about it a little more. I think “multiplying” may be a key to increasing our motivation. So today, I will introduce my way to multiply my motivation.

How to find activities with enthusiasm

I like this topic: how to get motivation. Sometimes, we want more motivation to live energetically. The activities that we can do with enthusiasm give us fulfilling days.

But sometimes, we don’t know how to find such activities. And we tend to find interesting things from the “outside” and fail. For example, we sometimes try to find fun hobbies by trying many activities that people are doing. And it often fails because we often cannot have such enthusiasm as they do.

In such a situation, knowing the following way of thinking might help. We can also multiply our motivation. In other words, we can grow our small motivation inside little by little instead of finding a big motivation from outside.

So today, I will talk about my way to multiply my motivation.

The difference between patience and motivation

To explain it, let me explain the difference between patience and motivation.

  • Patience: The short-term power to accomplish goals. When we use this, we ignore our waves of mood and force ourselves toward our goals. This power is highest at the beginning stage, but it fades over time.
  • Motivation: The middle-term power to accomplish goals. When we use this, we move with our waves of mood. This power is sometimes weak at the beginning stage, but we can amplify it like waves as time goes on.

Don’t confuse these two energies. If we confuse them, it will be hard to get not only results but also fun.

We can grow our motivation

Our motivation is often small at the beginning. And we can grow it.

In my recent case, I have developed a new set of cards, like tarot cards. But I didn’t have a deep interest in it at the beginning.

I slightly wanted a tool for self-analysis or story-creating at the beginning. So, I imagined that if there is such a tool, it will be useful. But I didn’t have the energy to begin developing it.

At such a time, I had enough time and felt like creating something. So, I started to grow it little by little.

My case of creation

At first, I began with my patience. We often need a little patience to start something different. In my case, I searched for the design of tarot cards on the web, even though I needed a little effort to begin.

After we start something new, we usually find another wave of motivation in ourselves. Usually, that is an opposite or negative aspect of the new movement. But if we ride it with good timing, we can multiply our motivation. We will get something necessary from another aspect.

In my case, I felt tired and wanted to take a rest. At a glance, it looks like something that prevents my creation. But I knew it would give me more power or ideas if I rode the wave well. So, I stopped searching when I felt my decaying concentration.

The next day, after I slept well, I naturally imagined the final shape of my cards. The beautiful design of the tarot gave me such imagination. And it was a little fascinating for me. So, I got a little more motivation.

Failure is also another wave

And it is the same when we feel failed. At a glance, failure is a bad thing. But when we are riding waves, it will be another wave to ride.

In my case, then, I tried to create such pictures with AI. This is another wave of motivation. However, I found it hard. I don’t have a highly-specked PC. And I also didn’t have the energy to overcome the problem. In other words, I felt failure.

So, I wanted to be depressed. And I accepted the emotion. In other words, I rode another bigger wave.

And it gave me another idea. I noticed, “I can also use the free AI images someone created.” And I also noticed, “I can also use free image materials!” The wave brought me to another higher place.

Ride on an enjoyable roller coaster

Growing motivation is such a process. We move with our waves of mood, even if they look negative. And if we can accept them, it will be fun, even if they are failures.

Failure is not something that prevents our activities. “Unacceptable failure” prevents our activities. And if we start with small waves, we can enjoy them even if they are waves of failure.

It is like a roller coaster. It is fearful if it is beyond our limits of acceptance. But if it is acceptable, it brings us excitement, even if it is a downside movement. And as we grow the waves gradually, we can enjoy them.

As a result, I found myself deeply interested in my tarot cards. I grew my motivation little by little.

The bottom line

So, we can grow our small motivation little by little instead of finding a big motivation from outside.

Perhaps we can grow various things. When we want motivation, “what to grow” might not matter so much. “How to grow” might matter.

If we understand this, we might be able to live more energetically.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.