“What’s Wrong With This?” Gives Us How to Use Our Characteristics Creatively

Autumn is coming. And these days, I am enjoying a warm soup at every meal. Every time I use my new pot, I feel satisfied with its unique characteristics. So today, I’ll talk about how to be creative with our characteristics. The words “What’s wrong with this?” might tell us how to use our characteristics.

How to use our characteristics efficiently

Sometimes, we cannot live the same way as our surroundings due to our strange characteristics. For example, we might not be able to do disgusting things patiently. We might not want to lie to not only others but also to ourselves. We might not be able to be as positive as our surroundings. We often suffer from them.

In other words, we want to live sincerely to ourselves as well as possible.

But our characteristics often prevent it. We cannot satisfy our surroundings with them. We know our characteristics can be advantages, but we don’t know how to deal with them. So we refuse them and try to be patient to make value that our surroundings praise.

At such times, try saying, “What’s wrong with this?” toward our characteristics. That might tell us how to use our characteristics efficiently.

“What’s wrong with this?” gives us a new perspective

If we say, “What’s wrong with this?” or “What’s wrong with my characteristics?” toward our characteristics, we can think about it differently.

Usually, we assume that social value is correct and our value is wrong. But our society can often be wrong. To be more precise, there are various societies in this world. And some societies could value our characteristics, even if our current society sees them as useless.

The words “What’s wrong with this?” toward our characteristics give us a higher perspective. We can assume that our characteristics are correct and that our society is wrong. So we can get a point of view where we can accept our characteristics and change the society to which we belong.

My new pot experience

And this perspective gives us a way to use our characteristics creatively. To explain it, let me talk about my experience.

Early in the summer, I bought a new pot because the handle of the previous one began to break. The new pot was for a professional that could last my lifetime.

It was new but discounted due to a little damage. It was around 1/3 the price of the normal one with coupons and points in that shop. I could not find where it was damaged, so it was a little gamble. But I bought it.

After using it several times, I finally noticed it. There was a little damage in the corner of the pot’s lid. And when I boiled hard, the steam went away through there.

I was shocked because one of the good features of the pot is that it seals the steam well.

“What’s wrong with this?”

But the next day, after I recovered from the shock, I naturally doubted my shock. I asked myself, “What’s wrong with this?” What I wanted was whether I could use it for a lifetime. The rest of the features are small additions.

Then I started to think that it was the characteristics of this pot. The pot was different from the others. But I could use this characteristic in my way. I don’t have to use this pot in the same way as others.

After that, I started low-temperature cooking. That is the method of cooking meats at a low temperature that kills bacteria, but the meat remains moist and tender. That was great, although it required skills and attention.

The pot worked well

In such a situation, I noticed the pot’s characteristics worked well for it. At low temperatures, the lid keeps the steam. But after boiling, the lid releases the steam. If I adjust the heat below boiling, I can taste great soups. In addition, I can save on energy bills.

So now, whenever I cook a soup with meat, I cook it with low-temperature cooking. The damage to the lid is not a bad characteristic. That was a good feature for me.

We can throw away the social values. That gives us a new possibility. I call that process “creativity.”


So, the words “What’s wrong with this?” might tell us how to use our characteristics.

Our society could be wrong. We don’t have to use our lives in the same way as others. We can accept our characteristics and use them in different societies with different values.

If we have this higher perspective, we might be able to use our characteristics efficiently.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.