Let’s Take a “Cleaning Time in Life” if We Want to Change

Perhaps now is the time to clean up my old lifestyle. My life has changed dramatically over these years. That was a delightful time to create a new life. But that was also a sad time to part with my old things and relationships. I said goodbye to my old, loved things many times.

But I think that such sad events also gave me improvements in my life. So today, let’s talk about a “cleaning time in life” to change our future.

How to get new possibilities

We sometimes want to change our lives to stop our stressful lives. We might want to stop disgusting work and start a fulfilling one. Or we might want to leave the current noisy and crowded city and move to a quiet, natural countryside.

But sometimes, we don’t have possibilities for that. So we want to know them.

At such a time, try having a “cleaning time in life.” That might give us new possibilities.

Two kinds of possibilities

We have two types of possibilities, as follows:

  • The possibility of our current situation: This gives us the advantage of staying in the current situation. We can understand this value clearly.
  • The possibility of moving to a new world: This gives us a new lifestyle to move to another world. This comes along with new values. It’s hard for us to know this before changing our values.

We need to distinguish them. The more we keep the former, the more we stay in our current situation. On the other hand, if we reduce them, we can find new possibilities to move to another world.

In other words, not all possibilities are good things. Sometimes, some kinds of possibilities prevent us from changing. So we need to reduce them if we want to change.

An example of our old clothes

For example, we sometimes keep our old clothes, even if they are unfit for us now. This is because we think that we might use them someday again. Just to save some money.

This is one of the possibilities of our current situation. We can understand the value clearly.

But no matter how much we keep holding such things, we cannot get a new possibility to move to another world because they are for staying in the current situation.

Two steps to find new possibilities

So, if we want to change, I think it’s better to follow the steps as follows:

  1. Take a “cleaning time in life”: We can reduce the possibilities of our current situation. That provides us with room to add something new.
  2. Focus on our values that we feel honestly: Changing our values gives us new possibilities.

First, we can reduce unnecessary possibilities. I call this the “cleaning time in life.” We can reduce the factors that prevent us from changing.

To distinguish this, ask ourselves, “After I get out of this situation and get a better life, will I use this in my life?” or “Do I want to continue to use this throughout my lifetime?” If we feel “no,” we think about disposing of it.

Next, we focus on the values that we feel honestly. We tend to search for new possibilities directly, such as a new job or a cheap house, but that is usually useless because we can only find what already exists in this world.

On the other hand, if we can be honest with ourselves, we can create something that doesn’t exist yet with the current resources we already have. That gives us more flexible possibilities.

After we change our values, we can find the creativity to pay for it. By changing our values first, possibilities follow. For example, we feel value for fishing gear after we get interested in fishing. We don’t have possibilities for fishing gear until we change our values.

In other aspects, after we accept the sad part of our honesty, we can change our lives seriously.


So, I think that “cleaning time in life” would trigger our new possibilities.

Not all possibilities are good things. We need to reduce unnecessary possibilities if we want to change. That will give us honesty in our values.

Now, I’m also honest with myself and cleaning up old, dirty places I have avoided for a long time. This is a challenge for me to live my life as honestly as possible.

If we can distinguish these two possibilities, we might be able to change our lives by changing our values.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.