“Bad Outside, Good Inside” Provides Us With Good Opportunities to Be Creative

I like being creative rather than patient. We can increase our richness with wisdom and creativity, even if we are not good at patience. So today, I’ll talk about how to find opportunities to be creative. I think the things with “bad outside, good inside” often give us them.

How to stop being patient

Patience is one of the ways to earn wealth. We can get many valuable things, such as money, skills, social status, or human networks, by doing disgusting work with patience. So we often try to be patient to make a better life.

But sometimes, we don’t want to be patient anymore due to exhaustion. Perhaps the more self-controlled a person is, the easier it is to be exhausted by being patient.

In such a situation, we can be creative instead of being patient. Creativity is another way to increase our wealth. And we can use it.

What is creativity?

In my definition, creativity means “creating something we want with what we can easily get.”

For example, assume that we live where potatoes are expensive but pumpkins are cheap. In such a place, we can cook our dishes with pumpkins instead of potatoes. They are similar foods. Although it requires modifying our recipes to fit pumpkins, we can fulfill ourselves without expensive potatoes. Such a fulfilling process with affordable things is creativity.

We usually have something we can afford. If we focus on them, we can be more creative, even if we don’t have much money or social status. In other words, we can create something we don’t have yet with the materials we already have.

But we sometimes don’t know how to be creative. So today, I’ll introduce a point of view to inspire our creativity. If we focus on the things with “bad outside, good inside,” we might be able to be creative easily.

Opportunities in “bad outside, good inside”

This reason is simple. Many people judge things by their appearance. But some things are “bad outside, good inside.” They are usually more affordable than something with a good appearance.

For example, potatoes wounded on their skin are usually cheaper than beautiful ones, even if we can eat them normally.

If we find such things, we can use them with our creativity.

I’ll introduce two ways to be creative here. First, we can use them in places where appearance does not matter. After we peel and cut the potatoes, we can use them for our soups.

Second, we can modify their appearance. Changing outside is easier than changing inside. After removing the wounded skin, we can decorate them with other colorful vegetables.

Such a modification gives us additional value.

“Bad convenience, good quality” is also good

And “bad convenience, good quality” is one of the other shapes of “bad outside, good inside.”

For example, I recently found good fish packages that I call “fish scraps” in the grocery store. They are the rest of the fish removed fillet. In other words, they are a set of fish bones and fish meats with little bones. I used to go to my grocery store in the morning, but I changed to go in the afternoon this summer. And I found they are always heavily discounted in the afternoon.

Such fish scraps are examples of “bad convenience, good quality.” They are inconvenient to eat for many people because they have many bones. But they are fresh and still retain enough meat. In addition, they are more delicious because the fish meat around their heads is more delicious than the fillet. They are bad convenience, but good quality.

So we can find that we can add creativity to them.

Fulfilling myself with creativity

We can enjoy them with some creativity. Usually, we eat fish with chopsticks in my area. But if we use our hands, it is easy to eat, even if they have bones. And usually, we eat fish sashimi with soy sauce. But if we eat them with dry seasonings, such as seasoned salts, we can eat them without getting our fingers too dirty. It is the same as eating pork ribs or beef ribs that have bones.

And we can also make fish soup with them. Fish bones provide us with great broth. It suits my meal because I usually eat soups.

It is about 1/4 or 1/5 the price to fulfill myself than I buy a fillet. I can get such a good dish affordably without buying expensive ingredients. And I am always fulfilled with it.


So, I think that “bad outside, good inside” or “bad convenience, good quality” often allows us to be creative.

Surprisingly, we can find such things everywhere. Although they are not a lot, they are there.

If we have such a point of view, we might be able to create a better life, even if we don’t have much money or social status.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.