We Can Try It Lightly Instead of Declaring It Heavily

I have felt like writing something new on this blog these days. At the same time, I also felt that I needed to tell the blog readers about it in advance. In other words, I wanted to declare to do it, even though I can do it freely.

So today, I’ll talk about why we feel like declaring when we start something new. This logic tells us why we can try something lightly instead of declaring it heavily.

A declaration when trying something new

We sometimes feel like declaring it to someone when we do something new, even though we can start it freely. That is not a calm announcement. We say strongly, “I will do this. And I accomplish this!” The more unfamiliar it is, the more we feel like telling it to many people.

Perhaps this is because we have a fear of it. And we are less confident to begin it, continue to do it or accomplish it. At such times, if we declare it to other people, we have to do it because we don’t want to tell a lie.

In other words, we push ourselves into action by setting losses. Lies or betraying others make our losses.

But it often multiplies our fears because we attempt to overcome one fear with another. Whether we accomplish it or not, fears drive us. And that reduces our relaxation in life in exchange for motivation.

I think that that is not a suitable way to create joy. If we want to create something joyful, there is another way. We can try it lightly instead of declaring it heavily. So I’ll explain why.

Why we can try something lightly

We can try something lightly. And the result gives us substitutes for a declaration, even if it is a tiny result.

First, we can gain confidence by achieving a small result. And that gives us more motivation to try the next challenge.

Next, the result makes it easier to move others because it proves our accomplishments. We don’t need strong words to get others’ cooperation or help. Just say, “I have a result in this. And I’m trying this now.” It is enough to announce silently instead of declaring loudly. That fascinates others who are interested in our activities. Sometimes, they are willing to offer their cooperation or help.

Finally, we can be more creative. Fear makes us stick to the first plan. But relaxation gives us multiple ways to accomplish. We can modify our goals flexibly, even if we get unexpected help or accidents.

How to use declaration efficiently

Perhaps a declaration is a way to make others follow our plans, such as social movements, political activities, or sometimes making servants obey. The more people we want to motivate, the stronger we declare it. If we can keep insisting loudly, we can do it, even if we don’t have any achievements.

On the other hand, trying and building small results is a way to make others join us. Others are willing to join us. There is trust and relaxation.

And we can get early feedback on our behaviors, even if we fail. That allows us to adjust our ways earlier.


So, we can try it lightly instead of declaring it heavily.

If we want to create something joyful, this way might help you.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.