My Current Answer to the Question, “Creating It for Myself or Others, Which Makes Me Happier?”

I like thinking and writing about our lives. But sometimes, I doubt my articles are fun for others. In other words, I sometimes lose my confidence.

At such times, I often think about what makes us and others happy. The iconic question is, “Creating it for myself or others, which makes me happier?”

So today, I’ll talk about the current answer to that question.

For myself or others, which is better?

We sometimes struggle between ourselves and others. Someone says, “Help others. That brings you happiness.” At the same time, someone else says, “Chase your joy. That makes you happy. And you can also contribute to others.” They make us confused.

Of course, “satisfy both” will be the best answer. But sometimes, we cannot make it immediately. If we prioritize our joy, we often find it hard to get others’ rewards, such as money, social praise, or social positions. On the other hand, if we prioritize others, we have to be patient to get these rewards. So, we struggle between ourselves and others.

In such a case, I will choose this way of thinking now: We don’t have to decide now. We can always modify the style in the future. And we can find a new style in the future with our creativity. This way of thinking might give us relaxation and a fun way.

We can change it in the future

One of the main factors that bothers us is our fear of failure. “I have to be correct. I must never be wrong, now and forever. Failure leads to my death.” That thought drives us to try to plan perfectly from the beginning.

But we can also make room for changes in the future. If we take “failure” as “modifying the first plan,” we will never be able to be creative because “creativity” means finding another plan.

Whenever we improve our lives creatively, we modify our plans. The more creative we become, the more we improve our plans.

So, if we want to be creative, trying to make a perfect plan is nonsense. We can start our lives freely with a simple direction in life. After we start, we can understand how this world is made. I think such a “practice, learning, and feedback” style is a “creative life.”

Failures also could give us improvements

In addition, failures could give us improvements in our lives. In my case, failures always forced me to change my life plan. But strangely, I have no regrets about these failures now because they have given me my life’s improvements.

“The goals that we cannot achieve” means inappropriate goals. Setting such goals will also be “wrong” for us. In other words, “giving up a goal that we cannot achieve and modifying our goals” means getting closer to the “correct” goals.

So, we never fail as long as we can set our goals continuously. Modifying our goals is a good thing.

I think it’s enough if we are aware of how much we are satisfied with “for ourselves” and “for others” currently. And if we will be more creative in the future, we will be able to satisfy both better.

The bottom line

So, if someone asks me, “Creating it for myself or others, which makes me happier?” I will answer, “We don’t have to decide now. We can always modify the style in the future. And we can find a new style in the future with our creativity.”

This way of thinking gives us relaxation to start something. And the more we will be creative, the more we will change our plans. That improves our lives, even if we feel it is a failure.

If we can use this way of thinking, we might be able to believe and create our future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.