The Wisdom “Everyone Is Doing for Themselves” Allows Us to Live For Ourselves

Today, I’ll talk about our minds. I think that everyone is doing everything for themselves. This wisdom allows us to live for ourselves.

How to give up unrewarded work

One day, someone tweeted on SNS, “I’m tired of serving my parents.” She seemed to live to make her parents glad. And she wanted to make others happy. But such a living for someone made her exhausted because it prevented her from living her life.

Sometimes, we get tired of making others glad. Pleasing others tends to be our source of happiness, especially if we have a highly empathic nature. But we sometimes try to make someone who is never satisfied glad. It is never rewarded, no matter how much we sacrifice ourselves. So it makes us exhausted.

At such a time, we can understand that everyone is doing everything for themselves. It might make us free from such unrewarded work.

An unclearness of “Do for others”

To explain it, let’s look at teachings like the following: “Do for others” or “Be good for society, the world, and everyone.” We may have heard them several times.

But there is an unclear element. That is, “Who are others?”

In many cases, helping one side threatens the other. If we help one political party, it will be a threat to the other party. If we help a bird, it will be a threat to the insects that are eaten by it. If we help one life, it will be a threat to the food it can eat. All lives have such a nature.

If we know that that is nature’s work, we can understand that there is a lot to doubt in the teachings above.

We can doubt many things: How far do we need to think about the world? How much responsibility do we need to take on for the world? Do we need to keep peace in other species’ worlds, such as insects, fish, or bacteria? Do we have to consider the happiness of those who live far from us, like life on another planet somewhere in this galaxy? Do we need to help someone depressed by a business failure on the other side of the earth?

Improving the environment centered on ourselves

If we think about it deeply, we can realize that all lives are doing everything for themselves.

In other words, all lives are improving the environment centered on ourselves. We help others to make our lives stable and developable. We cooperate with society to make our environment better. We help other species, such as animals or trees, for the stable lives of the human species. But if it is a harmful species, we never help them. That’s nature.

So we are all living our lives centered on ourselves. We are allowed to give up unrewarded work and live for ourselves. Then, after we have filled ourselves, we can do something for others to make our society or species live well. It will be not only their pleasure but also ours.


So I think that everyone is doing everything for themselves. We are allowed to give up unrewarded work. And we can live for ourselves. It will allow us to do something for others with joy.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to live for ourselves with joy.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.