An Example of How Changing Our Focus Gives Us New Possibilities

I’ll talk about an example of how to find chances. I think that if we change our focus, we will suddenly find new possibilities, even in the same place.

We sometimes want new chances or opportunities. But in many cases, we don’t know how to find them.

So today, I’ll talk about the nature of chances. If we knew this, we might be able to have hope for change.

Many shellfish on the shore

To explain it, let me talk about my recent experience. I like to go to the sea because I can meditate and feel peaceful. One of my favorite hobbies is staying or walking along the seashore with quiet sea sounds.

So I have often gone to the sea since last year, to my favorite seashore. And I thought I knew enough about the shore.

But several days ago, I noticed a strange thing there. It was at low tide. In some places, many shellfish suddenly appeared on the sand surface. Perhaps that is because of the heavy rain the previous day. There were several new flows of fresh water from the land. And it seemed to make shellfish that were usually under the sand appear.

I was surprised at the number of shellfish. It’s not so much for many people to get, but it’s enough for me to eat. And there is always no one but me on the shore.

So I picked them up after I confirmed they were edible. That was great taste. Shellfish are usually delicious. So I was excited about it.

Changing focus gives us new chances

After this experience, my focus on the shore has entirely changed. Before the experience, I had not paid attention to the under sand and rocky parts. But after I knew there were many shellfish, I suddenly began to focus on these places and think about how to collect shellfish.

Changing focus is like that. It gave me a new chance to get food from the sea for my slow life. I didn’t change my place. I just added another view.

Of course, this is my accidental luck. There are many cases where there are no such new chances. In such a case, we need to move to another place.

But sometimes, we can find new chances by changing our focus. Perhaps this will only be known after we realize it.


So I think that if we change our focus, we will suddenly find new possibilities. In other words, there could be new possibilities around us.

If we knew this, we might be able to have hope for change.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.