If We Have a Direction in Life, the Meaning of Curiosity Will Come Later

By the way, curiosity is one of the interesting mental works for me. So today, I’ll talk about our curiosity. I think that if we have a direction in life, the meaning of curiosity will come later.

Mysterious workings of curiosity

Recently, I had an interesting experience. That is the mysterious workings of my curiosity. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have been fascinated with fermentation this year. Fermentation is one of the food-preserving methods using bacteria.

But I was not able to explain why I was fascinated with it at the beginning. Of course, perhaps making yogurt led me to fermentation. But that is just a process. I don’t have to do it. In other words, I began it without any rational reasons.

Fermentation made my dreams possible

Several months have passed since that time. Then I noticed that fermentation would be one of the factors in improving my life. Fermentation made many of my dreams possible.

First, I was able to enjoy more delicious foods. Next, I was able to reduce my reliance on money. Then, I noticed I could go fishing because I could make fishing feed affordable with fermentation. Finally, I noticed I could grow vegetables affordably because I could make plant nutrients with fermentation.

In other words, the meaning of learning fermentation came later. My curiosity first. Meanings later.

Just following my inner voice

This is an interesting mental work for me. I don’t need to explain why I want to do it. I also don’t need to foresee my future precisely. It makes my life better, even just by following my inner voice.

If I explain this mechanism logically, I will say that it is because of our direction in life. If we go in a certain direction in our lives, learning something is like climbing a hill. It might take some effort. But we can do it easily because we want to go in that direction.

And if there are hills in front of us, we cannot see the other side of the hill. After we climb the hill, we can understand the visions of the future and the meanings of the past.

Perhaps we will often feel with surprise, “That experience was for this!” And we will be excited by the sequence of meanings.

In other words, our curiosity is a compass. In my case, the hill of fermentation told me about the future possibilities.


So I think that if we have a direction in life, the meaning of curiosity will come later.

We can live in a certain direction without any rational reason. “My inner voice told me so.” That’s enough to take action.

If we understand this feeling, we might be able to take action easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.