Sometimes Even Small Things Could Be Satisfied

These days, I’m making a tiny vegetable garden. Now I have muscle pain due to it. So today, I’ll write a short article that relates to my making a vegetable garden. I realized that sometimes even small things could be satisfied.

I wanted a vegetable garden

I wanted to have a vegetable garden for a long time. But there is no such garden or place in my current house. There is only a small, shady yard. So I had given up growing vegetables.

But several days ago, I got several large, deep wooden boxes. A nearby closed store provided their garbage for free. And I found there were good boxes for planters. So I got them.

It was enough for me

Then I noticed that it was enough for me. Because now I need only some root vegetables for my fermentation research, such as garlic, ginger, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I don’t need to grow many vegetables.

And they grow up easily, even in shady places. So several deep boxes are enough for me now.

Like that, we could sometimes satisfy ourselves with even small things. We often want complete success. But sometimes a small part is enough.

In other words, if we clarify our purpose, we can choose only the materials we need. We don’t need the whole orange to make marmalade. Just the orange peel is enough. Unnecessarily many oranges will make much waste.


So I realized that sometimes even small things could be satisfied. Clarifying our purpose makes it easier to make our dreams come true. And it also reduces our waste.

If we understand this possibility, we might be able to make our dreams come true easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.