After We Start Changing, Even Failures Accelerate Change

So far, this year has been a changing year for me. Last year, I changed my inner world. And this year, I started to change my outer world. This year, I began to organize my belongings. And I have improved my everyday life so far.

And a few days ago, I noticed that after we start changing, even failures accelerate change. So, let’s talk about this.

Mistake of cutting hair

By the way, I cut my hair myself. About 4 or 5 years ago, I decided to do it myself. I don’t like the atmosphere of barbershops so much. And I felt it was not worth paying money for. So I decided to do it myself.

The very first time, I was nervous about whether I could do it well. But once I succeeded, I began to do it myself with enjoyment. Although sometimes I was depressed due to my partial failure, doing it myself was satisfying.

But I made a larger mistake when I cut my hair several days ago. I partially shortened it a lot due to my carelessness.

Let’s change it!

But just right after, I doubted, “Why is shorter hair bad?” And I felt, “This is also nice! Summer begins! Let’s change it!” Until then, I was depressed when I failed. But at that time, I felt it was a chance to change myself.

Perhaps this is because I started to change. If we start to change, even failures will accelerate the change. And when we just start changing, we still drag on our old values. So we feel “failed.”

But I am already in a new world. I changed my life. There are new values. I don’t stick to old, unnecessary values. So in such situations, we feel, “This is also nice! Let’s change!”

At such a time, changing our outer world is exciting. We become more aware that we don’t have to stick to the old values. In other words, we feel freedom.


So I felt that even failures accelerate change after we start changing.

In my case, after I felt it, I cut my hair boldly short. I was refreshed. I didn’t need to stick to the old way.

If we can feel this, we might be able to change our lives easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.