In a Slow Life, We Don’t Have to Satisfy Others

Let’s talk about a lifestyle of slow living. I think we don’t have to satisfy others in a slow life.

Obsession with satisfying others

Sometimes, we suffer from our obsession with satisfying others. We feel we have to do so. If we don’t do so, we feel forever unforgiven by the world. And we believe we cannot live without satisfying others. We also believe that only it enriches us.

Perhaps highly empathetic people tend to be so. I had often felt so, too.

But recently, I realized that that is not the case with slow living. In other words, if we live a slow life, we don’t have to satisfy others.

So, let’s talk about why a slow life releases us from our obsession with satisfying others.

A slow life is a survival style

This reason is simple. This is because a slow life is a survival style for those who don’t want to compete with others. If we concentrate on our survival, we can release our obsession with satisfying others.

If we prioritize less competition, we naturally choose an environment of slow living.

First, we live in quiet and inconvenient places, such as frontiers, because competitive people don’t want to live in such places. Many competitive people want to live in a more evaluative place. In other words, the more value there is, the more people want to live there. So we naturally choose to live in a quiet and inconvenient place.

Next, if we prioritize long-term survival, we naturally value frugality because we can have the stability to live for a long time. So we naturally value frugality.

Finally, we have fewer people who need to get along. We can concentrate on our survival.

As a result, we have fewer obsessions with others if we have a slow life.

A way of life for those who love peace

Of course, fighting with others and increasing our territory is also a way of life. But it doesn’t mean we can always live longer. Some people prefer surviving longer with peace of mind to gaining the power to defeat others.

I think that highly empathetic people like us tend to be so. We don’t like competition. And we want to help others.

Inconvenient places make it difficult to live. But it makes us feel gratitude easier. Such bits of help are to be alive, not to compete. So we can feel deep gratitude for each other. That is not an obsession.

And we can prioritize our satisfaction. Then, if we want, we can please others with what we can easily do. In a slow life, ourselves is first. Others are not first.


So I think we don’t have to satisfy others in a slow life. Prioritizing surviving longer and gaining the power to defeat others are different things.

Now I prefer such a peaceful life. Then I create a comfortable life with my creativity. And I share them with people who like me. So I can share them without obsession. I think this is also a way of life.

If we understood this way of life, we might live more peacefully.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.