Why I Was Able to Speed Up My Slow Life

Fortunately, now I can live the life that I have wanted for a long time. And these days, I speeded up my slow life. So let’s talk about why I was able to do that.

What prevents our slow lives

Some people want to live a slower life. I am one of those people. I want to live doing what I love at my own pace. And I want to live without doing anything disgusting.

But in many cases, we cannot easily do it because we have anxieties about our futures. We want to prepare for the future. But it means we need to work hard in the present. This causes us contradictory feelings. We work harder to live slower.

In this article, we will focus on our anxiety about the future. As I said above, some people tend to be anxious about the future. They are the type of people who want to prepare for the future rather than live in the present. And our future visions affect our current satisfaction.

So if we have such characteristics, the less anxious we are about the future, the more relaxed we can live in the present. Or the more hopes we have for the future, the more energetic we become.

I have such a characteristic, too. So I had many anxieties about the future. And it prevented me from living slowly.

But recently, I got peace of mind about my future. And it made me speed up my slow life.

What allowed me to relax

Because I noticed that reducing my reliance on money makes me relax about my future. I was able to dramatically reduce the cost of living these days. And it made me feel deeply relaxed in my life.

I used to think I would have a comfortable life if I had a lot of money. But I noticed that comfort and less anxiety are different. Money could bring me a comfortable life, but it didn’t reduce my anxieties.

On the other hand, reducing my reliance on money reduced my anxieties. If I can live with less money, I can stay alive more easily and freely. Such a future vision made me relax.

And I prefer less anxiety to comfort. So reducing my reliance on money improved my total life satisfaction.

In addition, I can create my comfort in other ways. I can use my creative skills for it. So I can create both less anxiety and more comfort. These are my tactics to make my life.

Let’s make our tactics

Many people want to have more money to live a slower life. It would be no problem if we could easily earn money. But we often cannot easily do it.

At such a time, we can take other tactics to make it. We can think separately about reducing anxiety and creating comfort.

Sometimes it could be the opposite way. In my case, I gave up earning a lot of money and reduced my reliance on it. And it worked well.


So I speeded up my slow life these days. The more I reduce my reliance on money, the more I can relax about my future. In addition, I can enjoy my creative life.

When we feel difficulties making our slow lives, this way of thinking might help.

Thank you for reading this article. See you at the next one.