Explaining What Has Changed Since I Solved My Mental Problems: Boredom Is Gone

About 3 months ago, I solved my mental problems. I had told the process in the articles with the tag #cross-judging method. Fortunately, now I can live with a completely stable mind and don’t have the mental troubles that I once had, such as flashbacks or uncontrollable emotions. It seems I completely solved those problems.

Today, I talk about what has changed since I solved my mental problems.

How to live naturally

Sometimes, we want to live naturally, especially when we are forced to be patient with something. For example, we might try to accomplish socially valuable goals, such as increasing salaries as employees, maintaining human relationships with those we don’t like, being in a noisy place, having less freedom, or having stressful days. They exhaust us.

There is a limit to distractions from those stresses. The stress will continue as long as we keep living unnaturally.

In other words, living naturally and relieving stress are different, although they look similar. Living naturally is a way to solve the root problem. Relieving stress is a way to distract in the short term.

However, we sometimes don’t know what a natural way of life is. That prevents us from improving our lives.

Today, I will talk about what has changed since I solved my mental problems in these three months. My experience might help you create a natural way of life.

My new lifestyle: more comfortable than emotional excitement

What has changed the most in the last three months is that I no longer pursue emotionally fun things.

In the past, I was doing something fun or exciting emotionally. Feeling gratitude, overcoming difficulties, or personal growth are examples of them. I tried to spend my life meaningfully and create something valuable as much as possible.

However, now I am trying to create a comfortable life. I have intentionally stopped finding exciting activities.

That is because if we are heading in an appropriate direction, we naturally feel fun in all activities without patience. In other words, heading in the wrong direction makes us try to find an exciting thing.

Why boredom is born

Fear of boredom is a typical example. We don’t want to get bored because it makes us feel like we are spending our lives meaninglessly. We are afraid of a meaningless life if we have a mental problem, such as an inferiority complex.

Perhaps our unnatural states cause boredom. Imagine that we are living unnaturally. In that state, we get bored when we have nothing to do because our state is unnatural. We want some emotional stimulus to forget the boredom. In other words, an unnatural state causes boredom—the desire for stimulus.

On the other hand, if we can live naturally, we don’t get bored, even if we have nothing to do. In that state, we feel like we are meditating and living all day.

This was one of the most surprising discoveries these years because boredom is gone from my life.

Perhaps our creativity or empathy is an unchangeable personality rather than a skill. We might not have to be creative because we are already creative. If we have an empathic and logical personality, we are already empathic and logical. If we are in an appropriate direction, we can perform them whenever necessary. We don’t have to force ourselves to exert them.

Two approaches to being “success”

There are two values based on our personalities.

  • Becoming the strongest is the successor: They want a luxurious life.
  • Surviving the longest is the successor: They want a frugal life.

Many people would want the former.

However, this blog’s readers might tend to prefer the latter. We want long-term safety. We don’t like conflict or competition. They make us frugal and feel, “It is meaningless if I will be killed soon in the next war, even if I become a winner of the current war.”

Such negative social influences stress us due to our empathy and logical future predictions.

We know survivors always make history. It is meaningless if we perish, no matter how much we win. For example, although Australopithecus had a larger physique than humans, they were extinct. Then, humans created the future. Surviving could be stronger than winning.

Perhaps frugality is a way to survive.

Surviving away from social approval

Focusing on surviving is also a way of life. We don’t need social approval or achievement in that way of life. We don’t have to be stronger or more skilled. In addition, we can escape from an environment that exhausts us.

Investment is one of the activities for survival. In investment, we invest in valuable things that others don’t value. Avoiding social values allows us to create wealth.

Creating a comfortable life could be more effective than finding exciting things to ensure survival.


That is what has changed since I solved my mental problems.

We might not have to force ourselves to perform our empathy or creativity. We can perform them whenever necessary if we are in an appropriate direction: a frugal and survival-oriented life:

This idea might allow us to create a natural way of life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.