Talking freely about our personalities

Perhaps I have explained our personalities enough these weeks. Now I am thinking about the next topic, but I have not decided what to talk about yet.

I like to explain something difficult to understand. Making things simpler is my joy.

Today, I will talk freely about our personalities.

About the four types of personalities

You know, we often look at the four types of personalities, as shown in the following image:

I like this classification. It works well for explaining the tendency toward individuality.

Although there are many teachings, they often don’t suit us if we have the personality of the minority, such as innovative empaths. Many teachings, such as “be patient” or “work hard to overcome,” exhaust us. This classification tells us how to live comfortable and fulfilling lives.

This is my classification. It is still under development.

The development of the personality classification

At the first stage of this development, I classified only one axis: extroverts, or people with creativity.

Then, I noticed that was not enough. There are people with high empathy without creativity, and people with creativity without empathy. As a result, I made it into the current four types.

At first, I didn’t expect this would be so useful. I am amazed at its applicability.

What if Cinderella was an innovative empath?

I like classifying story characters into them.

For example, the heroine Cinderella is a typical traditional empath. Although she didn’t have a special skill, she was kind to others, even rats in her room.

Traditional empaths don’t have the individual power to change the situation. They need the influence of others to make a change. Women tend to be more empathic than men. That would be the logic of the mental phenomenon called the Cinderella complex.

I sometimes imagine what would happen if Cinderella was an innovative empath. Perhaps she created her dress and arranged a carriage herself. Her first goal would be to escape from her house. She might have taken advantage of the ball at the royal castle. She might have tried to work as a maid there.

Perhaps her final goal would be to live a peaceful life in the countryside. The position of queen might not suit her if she was an innovative empath.

About a secluded life in the countryside

Seclusion in the countryside might be one of the ways to live comfortably if we are innovative empaths.

In my case, I have dreamed of living quietly in the countryside ever since I was in university. My dream is to live by the seaside. I can see the sea from my house. I can walk on the beach whenever I want to refresh. Although it could change in the future, that is my current ideal lifestyle.

I don’t need a gorgeous life. I like frugality. Perhaps that is because I can feel nature. An environment that is too luxurious will be unnatural.

Two directions of efficiency in life

Perhaps there are two approaches to staying alive efficiently.

One is the efficiency of depending on others. That is a life with experts or professional tools. That gives us a competitive advantage. They give us luxurious lives.

The other is the efficiency of independence. That is a life surrounded by affordable things. We use them efficiently and stay alive independently. The condition of others or the social state doesn’t affect us. They give us natural, free lives.

Both are efficient ways to live. I like the latter.

One of my ideals is a comfortable life with no expensive things. People conflict to rob valuable things. It means the cheapest thing is the last thing to be taken away. It is the perfect freedom and independence. One of my goals is a life that I can walk around without locking my house.

A life with low expenditures and high assets

If we are innovative empaths, low expenditures with high assets might suit us more than high monthly salaries. That is because we can manage our assets. The shorter-term wages are for those who cannot manage their assets.

In other words, the more we can manage our assets long-term, the more we can be independent from our daily jobs. Our assets substitute for salaries.

It is like a simulation game. We are playing the game of managing our resources. We can have more security and freedom if we manage them well.

A way to independence

There are two sides: the side of using resources and the one of being used as a resource.

We are on the side of using resources. We are the masters, no matter how small our assets are now. We are not on the side of being used as a resource. We can start small and achieve independence.

In other words, we don’t have to wait for a ball or a prince, like Cinderella. We can manage our resources and make decisions based on a long-term perspective.

That awareness will allow us to focus on increasing our assets instead of working hard as employees.


It is interesting to think about our personalities.

That personality classification might help us understand our nature and create our lifestyles.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.