Avoiding Empathic Stories Could Ease the Mental Problems Caused by Empathy

A week ago, I said I had solved all of my mental troubles thanks to the new method, the Cross-Judging Method. Then, I realized another factor that affects our minds. Reading empathic stories could make the problems caused by empathy worse. Today, I will talk about the reason.

How to solve troubles with high empathy

Sometimes, we want to solve our mental problems caused by high empathy. One typical example is flashbacks. We remember our past failures and accuse ourselves of too much.

Empathic people tend to avoid bothering others as much as possible because empathy is for helping weak people. Bothering and helping are the opposite. That is why we tend to blame our past failures that troubled others if we have a highly empathic nature.

However, we sometimes cannot stop blaming ourselves in our minds. That exhausts us. We don’t know how to solve it.

Today, I will introduce a way to ease it. Avoiding empathic stories could ease problems caused by empathy. This might help those with such troubles.

Empathic stories could worsen our mental troubles

We might often favor highly empathic stories if we have a highly empathic nature and trouble with it. Perhaps it is because we can cure our past traumas by sympathizing with the story characters. We can learn how to release repressed emotions by sympathizing with the hero. Stories tell us how to treat our minds.

However, we cannot solve all of our mental troubles only in that way because it also strains our minds. We could be too sensitive to empathy.

An example of a muscle

It is like a muscle. Assume we have an empathic muscle. In this case, we can train the muscle by experiencing empathic stories. Stories tell us how to use our muscles.

If we are poor at using our muscles, having empathic stories could work well because we come to use our muscles more efficiently.

However, on the other hand, if we already have too much muscle mass, more training will impact us badly. That causes oversensitivity and the mental troubles related to it.

That is why empathic stories could worsen mental problems caused by empathy. If we already have too much empathy muscle and can use it well, training our muscles more will cause oversensitivity.

The factor of oversensitivity

Perhaps this oversensitivity is caused by our past environment. There should have been people who pretended to be victims, blamed us, and controlled us, such as our parents.

If we have been in such environments for a long time, we usually tend to be too sensitive to empathy.

The Cross-Judging Method will work in such a case. That method allows us to be insensitive with empathy. Stimulating the opposite side of empathy makes it possible. (For more information about the Cross-Judging Method, please see the following articles: tag: cross-judging method.)

Why the Cross-Judging Method worked well for me

I confirmed that through my recent experience. After I solved my mental problems, I kept reading highly empathic cartoons due to my habit. At that time, I realized that the emotions made me stressed and stimulated my past traumas, although it was enjoyable in terms of using the empathic muscle. I realized that that caused my oversensitivity to empathy.

That made me modify my style. After realizing that, I immediately suspended reading every product that stimulated empathy. That brought a perfect condition to me.

I was too sensitive to empathy. However, I kept using the muscle, even though I could use it well. Perhaps that is why the Cross-Judging Method worked well for me.

After resting the empathic muscle enough, I will enjoy those stories again without stimulating my past.


That is why avoiding empathic stories could ease problems caused by empathy.

If we have too much empathy muscle, using more empathy could worsen our troubles. In such a case, the Cross-Judging Method will work well.

This might help those who have trouble with high empathy.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.