A Way to Maximize Our Opportunities: An Additional Explanation About Stages of Life

I introduced the concept of stages of life in the previous article (this article). Today, I will add an explanation to maximize our opportunities.

How to get more opportunities

Sometimes, we want to get more opportunities. We can be more energetic when we know we can be more abundant. Hope provides the energy to live for the people who have the nature to consider the future.

However, we often don’t know how to find new opportunities.

Today, I will introduce a way of thinking to maximize our opportunities. It is the concept of stages of life. It might help us.

The concept of stages of life

The concept of stages of life is a way of thinking that we have multiple stages in our lives. We can break through the current stage and have the next stage if we get all the necessary things done in the current stage. We can gradually get closer to our ideal lives by repeatedly clearing the new stages.

Even though it doesn’t always get better steadily, our lives will dramatically improve at some point.

We must know why we are in this troublesome situation to step into the next stage. After finding out what to do or learn at the current stage, we can make progress in our lives without feeling stagnant. In other words, the meaning tells us the path to the next stage.

The reason why the concept provides us with new opportunities

This concept, the stages of life, provides us with new opportunities because we can take advantage of even a negative situation.

Usually, we want only positive things for our dreams and avoid negative ones. In this case, we can find opportunities only in positive things. On the other hand, if we can find opportunities in many events, even if they look negative, we can have more possibilities to take advantage of.

Events that look negative often provide us with unexpected opportunities or dramatic improvements to seemingly unrelated problems.

The decrease in my income brought my liver health

For example, in my case, the decrease in my income led to an unexpected improvement in my liver health. I have had a weak liver since birth and have been trying to improve it.

At such a time, several months ago, my income from my assets decreased. I modified the food ingredients and style to be more frugal. I began to use sugar instead of artificial sweeteners and to eat more for breakfast and less for dinner. That modification reduced the load on my liver. In other words, the decrease in income brought a healthier liver unexpectedly.

At that time, I thought,

“Perhaps this is one of the lessons in my life. If I can live with fewer expenses, I can use it for the rest of my life. Although I can keep the current standard of living if I use the savings, I will try a more frugal life for my future.”

That solved another problem that I had.

Some things can only be experienced at the worst of times

In other words, this concept allows us to try something we have never tried before. When we consider the meaning of the current situation, we naturally think about what is inexperienced or unchallenged. That gives us new perspectives and opportunities.

Some things can only be experienced at the worst of times. Reducing what we have not tried is also a way to expand our possibilities.


Above is why the concept of stages of life could maximize our opportunities.

We can take advantage of even a negative situation. That often brings us unexpected opportunities or dramatic improvements.

This concept might help us have more hope in the future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.