My Favorite Two Concepts to Begin a New Life: A Stage of Life and Getting Things Finished

Recently, I began a new life. As I mentioned in the previous article (this article), I solved my mental problems. Thanks to that, the stage of my life changed, although I am still considering how to spend my life. Today, I will introduce my favorite two concepts to begin a new life.

How to change our lives

Sometimes, we want to change our lives, especially in an environment that doesn’t suit us. Although we want to live honestly with ourselves and show our nature, we cannot do that to stay in the environment. That exhausts us both mentally and physically.

However, we often don’t know how to change our lives.

In such a case, the two concepts I will introduce below might help us: a stage of life and getting things finished. They are my favorite ways that have allowed me to change my life.

The concept of a stage of life

The first concept is the concept of a stage in life. This is the idea that we have multiple stages in our lives.

We are in a stage where we have to accomplish some goals. The next stage will come if we get all the necessary things done in the current stage.

There would be some things to get done, as follows:

  • We might have to learn something learnable only in this environment or stage.
  • We might have to throw away our old ways of thinking.
  • We might think about our future more deeply.
  • We might have to try out all the opportunities we have.
  • We might have to spend almost all of our unnecessary resources that seem necessary.
  • Sometimes, we might have to despair to give up the inferiority complex.

Thinking about the “reason”

In other words, there is a reason why we are in this harsh situation. If we understand the meaning, we can feel happiness, even in a harsh environment.

Perhaps the “meaning” is not to make someone happy. We don’t have to make others or ourselves happy at every stage. “Meaning” is something that is beyond our emotions or senses. Sometimes, we might have to accept some pain to begin to live our lives.

Inappropriate goals create feelings of stagnation. We often set inappropriate goals to acquire social value, such as a lot of money, higher status, many followers, or accomplishments everyone praises. They are often unrelated to our current stage.

On the other hand, the appropriate meaning gives us the energy to make progress, no matter how hard the situation is.

We don’t know what the future holds

We don’t know what the future holds. In other words, we must trust our future, no matter how fearful it looks. That often frees us from inappropriate goals and brings us the appropriate goals.

For example, we might sometimes feel like we are heading to a dead end. We are afraid of such difficulties that seem impossible to overcome. That fear often stagnates us.

However, that is just our prediction now. After arriving there, we often find there is a simple way to overcome the dead end. Sometimes, the painful experiences in the current situation might work.

If we clear the stages many times, we understand that the future will frequently unfold beyond our expectations. Perhaps that would be one of the fantastic moments in our lives.

The concept of the stage of life frees us from such usual predictions in our lives. That creates dramatic change.

We don’t also have to fear the future, no matter how fearful it looks. If the stage changes, our assumptions will also change.

The concept of getting things finished

The second concept is getting things finished. Try to get things finished, no matter how small they are. That will accelerate our changes.

The reason is simple. If we get things done, we can try new things. On the other hand, if we don’t clean it up, it will become an obstacle. In other words, we can make that activity into the ones of an old stage.

For example, I return my dishes to their original place after the meal, even if I use them again several hours later. I have a problem with my liver. I want to do trial and error with meals to improve my liver. If I put them away, that allows me to change the meal style the next time.

On the other hand, if I leave them on the table, it is easy to use them again, but it will be usual for me to have the same meal style. That prevents me from improving my liver.

That is why I recommend getting things finished if we want to change. In other words, if we don’t finish enough, we tend to feel fear of change.


Above is why I like the two concepts. They are the concept of a stage of life and getting things finished.

If we want to begin a new life, those concepts might help us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.