Perhaps I Have Solved All of My Mental Problems. Explaining My Way

These days, I have talked about a new way of mental therapy. Perhaps I had solved all of my mental problems since I began to struggle with them when I was a high school student. Today, I will talk about it and the way I accomplished it.

How to solve mental problems

Sometimes, we want to solve our mental problems, such as an inferiority complex, worrying too much, feeling guilty about ourselves, flashbacks, or a lack of peace of mind.

It may feel like confusion or a mess in our minds. We might feel, “Something is wrong, but I have no idea what is wrong.” That makes us suffer and exhausts us. We feel we are far away from happiness.

My problems

I also had such problems. I was born with a strange nature and grew up in an environment filled with an inferiority complex and confusion about values. I had to kill my personality and live disguised as an extrovert. That made me confused about values.

When I was a high school student, my mental state was entirely messed up. I had all the mental troubles that I mentioned above: an inferiority complex, a vague mental boundary with others, feeling guilty about myself, flashbacks, and a lack of peace of mind.

In addition, I have had physical trouble with a weak liver since birth. That made my body feel heavy.

Of course, I didn’t know what caused it. Although I felt something wrong with my inside, I had no idea what was wrong. It felt like I was living every day with bleeding. I wondered why other people could live with such calm.

Perhaps that was my starting point for solving my problem.

The long road and accomplishment

Then, I began to solve it, even little by little. I found many precious experiences in the process, such as learning the style of self-help, creating games, expressing myself, organizing my ideas through blogging, being pleased through writing books, and treating my mind and physical health. I tried to solve it as logically as possible. Those experiences salvaged my life.

At last, I felt like I had solved all of my mental problems. All my mental troubles were gone. My liver and physical condition have also improved dramatically over these years, although they are still room to improve.

Perhaps this is the greatest accomplishment I have ever had. It was a long road, but I finally arrived here, at least in my mental state. I wanted to come to this place. It is a place with an entirely peaceful mind. No accusing myself, no feeling inferior, and no flashbacks. I stopped my bleeding. This is a healthy state in terms of mental health.

The most effective methods for me

If I am asked what methods are the most effective to heal my messed-up mind, I will choose the following two methods:

  • Being negative and diving into the deep mind: An emotional approach. We can get an honest mind by being negative. In addition, we can release our repressions.
  • The Cross-Judging Method (tag: cross-judging method): A logical approach. We can head toward the appropriate goals and balance our minds.

Those two are the opposite approach but get along well.

Being negative is like looking at a compass. We have a compass that indicates the appropriate way of life. If we allow ourselves to feel negativity, our deep consciousness will give us a direction to live.

The Cross-Judging Method I have explained recently is like looking at a map. We can know the directions and how to balance our minds. This is a logical way.

Those two approaches helped me migrate to the ideal way of life.

The difference I realized after solving mental problems

After I solved my mental problems, I realized several differences in my feelings.

The most fundamental thing of them is that if I can live naturally, that is fine. That freed my thought of, “What should I do next?” or “What should I create next?” I can be fulfilled with a stable mental state, even if I don’t create anything.

I learned that from an experience several days ago. I went to a mountain for a walk since I have been to the sea too much lately. That was a creek with silence. Imagine the situation: there is a comfortable sound of flowing water. The birds are singing. The wind makes the sound of the leaves on the trees. There is no one but us. It is a peaceful, natural place.

In such a place, we don’t feel like doing something. Feeling nature fulfills us.

My current mental state is like that. Being natural fulfills us.

I don’t feel persistent sadness or anger anymore. The complex mind that rushed me went away. The envy toward others disappeared. I no longer rush to achieve results. It is like being a prayer of gratitude.

Perhaps living naturally became the most valuable thing to me.


Above is my way and how I feel now. Perhaps this is the greatest accomplishment I have ever had.

I want to say thank you to all. You all following me brought me this accomplishment. Your support encouraged me. I wanted to have this peaceful mental state for a long time. I am grateful to all of you.

Although this may be the last article about healing minds through my experience, I will keep advancing in my life. I finally got to the start of my life.

It seems that the next stage of my life has come. Let’s explore the next world that fulfills us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.