Making Someone Happy: An Example of Presenting Socks at Christmas

Christmas is coming! So today, let me talk about something related to Christmas. I will show you an example of how to make someone happy.

How to make someone happy

Sometimes, we feel like making someone happy. Perhaps the more empathic we are, the more often we tend to feel that way. Empathic people can feel others’ emotions. So, if we make others happy, their gladness makes us happy.

But sometimes, it is not easy to do it due to the factors that prevent happiness. There may be many such factors. We don’t want to waste resources that we don’t have enough, such as money, time, human networks, or precious materials. We often don’t know what people want. People might not be pleased, even if we give something valuable to ourselves.

In addition, many factors could cause the opposite result. Helping others sometimes could prevent others’ independence. Giving them something could make them miserable. Even if we give poor children some money, their parents or adults could take it away. We often feel that giving help is not so easy.

At such a time, the example of presenting a pair of socks at Christmas could help us. That might give us the creativity to make others happy efficiently. So today, I will explain why it is.

An example of presenting a pair of socks at Christmas

Let me talk about my imagination about the origin of presenting a pair of socks at Christmas. By the way, I don’t know the exact origin. This is just my prediction. Although I could be wrong, this may help us.

In a long human history, there have been many unfortunates, such as wars, disasters, diseases, or starvation. There have been many poor children without parents. Perhaps people thought those children were the weakest people in this world. So, historically speaking, when people wanted to help someone, they felt like helping those children.

When we want to make someone happy, we can understand that presenting a pair of socks for those children at Christmas has been a great way.

So, let me explain the reasons below. Even though it may not be suitable for this age, this creativity would help us learn how to make others happy.

The reasons a pair of socks has been suitable for presenting

First, it is affordable and sure to make them happy. Socks are one of the cheapest parts of clothes. We don’t need a lot of money. Even if we cannot afford them, we can knit woolen socks. In other words, we can create greater happiness with smaller resources.

Socks warm the body well. And Christmas is the beginning of the cold winter. Poor children don’t have them. So, a new pair of socks will make them happy for sure. And just a pair of socks is enough to last one winter season.

Second, we can easily confirm the poor children who have not gotten them yet. It prevents giving twice to the same child.

We know it just by looking at their socks. Children who get socks will wear them immediately because it is already cold. Even if they wore long pants, we can confirm it because children cannot sit still. So, we can easily find children who have not gotten socks yet.

Thinking about the safety of children

Third, we can prevent the risk that their parents or evil adults could take away the presents from children. If we give money, parents or adults could take it away because children are weak. But socks are cheap. In addition, adults cannot use these socks because their sizes are too small. And it is hard to sell them. So they keep children safe.

Then, children don’t feel miserable or sad if we give it as a present from Santa Claus. When we give poor children something, some may feel so because they come to face their poverty.

But if they receive it from a great being, such as a saint, they don’t feel so because saints have different values than usual. For example, saints give their presents to “good boys or girls.” It makes them relax to receive it.

Finally, if we put some candy in it, they will be more glad. They will eat it immediately. So it is also safe for children. And it will be good nutrition for poor children.

We don’t have to spend a lot of resources

That might be the origin that children dream of “the socks filled with candy.” I could be wrong because I don’t know the exact origin. But I imagine so.

This example tells us that creativity makes someone happy. We don’t have to spend a lot of resources. But we need to consider what is necessary for them. Giving them valuable things, such as money, sometimes doesn’t make them happy.

We can share something affordably

This example is not for modern times. But we can share something affordably.

One great, affordable, and universal present might be “words.” Words of love often make others happy. Or, we can share many things, such as knowledge, wisdom, skills, or ways of thinking. They are also things that are hard to take away.

Of course, we have to consider appropriate things. But we can give something, even if we are not so wealthy.

And that will also make us feel grateful because we can make others happy. That feeling of gratitude may be one of the great experiences of Christmas. That is givers’ happiness.

If you are the kind of person who is not good at loud parties, I recommend you try such a style. I like such a quiet, grateful Christmas. Sharing a tiny bit of happiness with others. And feeling deep gratitude for my situation. That makes me fulfilled.


So, the example of presenting a pair of socks might show us the creativity to make others happy efficiently.

We can make someone happy, even if we are not so wealthy. And that will give us a feeling of deep gratitude.

This knowledge might help us have a fulfilling Christmas.

Have a good holiday.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.