A Story of “A Wise Man and the Ring of Wisdom”

Merry Christmas! I created a story for a Christmas present for you. Let me talk about it.

How to be honest with our lives

Sometimes, we don’t know how to live. Or we confuse our values with those of others.

In such times, this story might help you live honestly with yourself.

I title this “A Wise Man and the Ring of Wisdom.”

A tale of “A Wise Man and the Ring of Wisdom”

Please listen to me as a legendary tale.

Once upon a time, there was a young man in a kingdom. He had just come of age.

In that kingdom, young people of that age usually followed in their parents’ jobs or got a job their leaders told them to do. That was common sense. No one, except him, doubted it.

On the other hand, he wondered why he had to let others decide his way of life. However, he didn’t know what kind of life he wanted. That made everyone treat him as a strange person and look down on him.

He wished to argue against them but couldn’t because he knew they were true. He understood he was a far more strange person than others. He could not find how to live, no matter how much he thought about it.

In the shrine of wisdom

That was why he visited a shrine of wisdom. He prayed to give him wisdom about how to live.

Surprisingly, the god of wisdom appeared in front of him and said to him,

“Young wise man, I will give you wisdom. Here is the ring of wisdom. If you touch it, you will have wisdom.”

The god held out the ring to him and added.

“Young wise man, I can also erase some of the memories you experienced in this shrine if you wish.”

“No! I don’t want to erase my memory about such a precious, grateful experience as this, even a part!” He immediately responded.

“Young wise man, you choose it.” The god requested that he make a decision.

He decided to receive wisdom. He fearfully touched the ring, but nothing happened. He had the ring in his hand.

“That ring provides you with the ability to turn back time. You can turn back time at any time you want after you have received this ring. If you wish, pray to the ring. Your wish will be in real while keeping your memory.”

Wishing to the ring

He left the shrine. It felt like a dream, but he had the ring of wisdom. That told him that the experience had been a reality.

On the way home, he lost his footing due to his carelessness and seriously injured his leg. That made him try wishing to the ring to turn back time. The next moment, he stood just before he lost his footing. He wasn’t injured at all because it was before the injury.

“This ring is true!” He excited.

He thought about what to do with it. He thought about various uses. He could predict the future if he turned back time. He could experience many things without paying because he could keep his memory.

Then, he decided to be the king of the kingdom. He wanted to prove the value of his existence to everyone who looked down on him.

As the king of the kingdom

Ten years later, he became the king of the kingdom. Perhaps he used the ring a lot and spent more time on that.

After the ceremony of crowning and celebration, he sat in a chair in the king’s room. It was already late at night. He was alone.

At that time, he found himself not fulfilled at all. He became the king. Although those who had looked down on him began to admire him, he saw through them that they were lying. After they knew his growth, they suddenly changed their attitudes and said with a big smile, “I am an old friend of his, and I believed he would be a great person someday!” They thought about only their gains. Such lies stressed him.

Finally, he thought about what life he wanted to live. That made him realize his true wishes. He wished to help weak, poor people who have honesty. He wanted to live free and without duty. He didn’t like conflicts with other political enemies. He just wanted to help the honest, weak people.

To make it real, he realized that he had to let go of the status of the king because everyone hid their honest mind in front of the status of the king.

After consideration for a while, he said to the ring, “The ring of wisdom, please turn me back to the moment I got this ring.”

The wisdom he got

The next moment, he returned to the moment he touched the ring in the shrine. There was still the god of wisdom in front of him.

He didn’t pick up the ring this time. He bowed deeply and said, “The god of wisdom, I am grateful for your wisdom. I got great wisdom.”

He added, “If I could wish, I would like a part of my experience, from the moment I determined to be the king until I began to think about my life in the king’s room, to be erased. Those memories are full of greed. They are unnecessary for me now.”

“Your wish will be heard.” The next moment, a part of his memory, the process of being king, was erased.

“The god of wisdom, I am grateful for your wisdom.” After the god of wisdom disappeared, he said so again with deep gratitude. The ring of wisdom also disappeared. He had just the memory of the god of wisdom, the ring, and the thoughts in the king’s room.

His new life

After that experience, he started his new life. He wore rag clothes intentionally and went to the area where poor people lived. He began to find honest people and help them.

Many people started saying that he was crazy, but he didn’t care because he knew that it was a waste of time. He was determined to use his life for his wish. Getting involved with them was just a waste of his life.

He helped people little by little. That made those who were helped feel grateful. They loved him.

He didn’t have much money, but that didn’t matter because he had one form of wisdom: creativity. He created the necessary things with the materials that he could get nearby.

In addition, he shared his creativity with poor people. That helped more people widely because wisdom was easy to share.

He realized it was sometimes more effective and lasted longer than using the wealth. Although it was easier to help someone with money, it just helped the person. In addition, there were limits on asset amounts, even if it was an asset of the king. He realized that the effect of wisdom sometimes overwhelms that.

People began to call him a wise man.

What he accomplished

On the other hand, he struggled and failed many times. If he used the ring of wisdom, he would be able to show a perfect person who never makes mistakes. However, he never wished for it because that was not his way of life. He allowed himself to struggle and fail. He also understood that that was one of the lessons the god of wisdom had given him.

That made some people start trying something new because they learned they were forgiven for their failures. That triggered another creative spark.

That helped poor people more and more.

He lived honestly with his mind. That made him fulfilled throughout his lifetime, even if he struggled.

Many people respected him. The respect lasted far longer than that for the king. He did something that even a king could not do.


That is the story. I like the story about a way of life like this. I hope you enjoy this.

This is a Christmas present for you.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.