My Favorite Way to Feel the Wideness of This World Without Traveling Around the World

I like to feel how big this world is. Perhaps this is because that gives me a more free life. We want freedom because it allows us to try a new world.

In addition, if we know more about the various values in this world, we can find a better place to show our talents. That gives us energetic lives. So today, I will talk about a way to feel the wideness of this world, even if it is hard to travel around the world.

How to find new possibilities

Sometimes, we want to know more about this world, especially when suffering. If we cannot use our talents, we want to move to another, better place. In other words, we want to find new possibilities.

At that time, we might sometimes feel like traveling to a place we don’t know yet. Sometimes, it might be around the world. We think that gives us more possibilities.

But we cannot always do that due to many factors, such as wars or international affairs. Or, we sometimes lack resources, such as money, time, situation, or health. Some readers of this blog might be too sick to get out of bed.

In such a situation, my style might help us find possibilities.

Applying small things to the big world

My style is simple. We apply small things to our big world. That allows us to imagine a new, unknown world.

This world is made up of similarities. The big things have a similar structure to the small ones. For example, suppose there are three photos. They are a part of the galaxy, a part of a seashore, and a part of an enlarged image of an animal’s skin. They all look similar. If we modify the color, we often cannot distinguish them.

Another example is our organs. Human organs, the government, and society—these functions and structures have similarities. There is a command center, waste plant, communication networks, etc.

There are similarities in not only visible things but also times or cycles. The lifespan of things is the same. The lifespan of a galaxy, a planet, a society, and humans have similar processes, even though they are different in the timescale.

The process of mastering skills also has similarities. We can master more skills efficiently by finding similarities.

So, we can imagine the structure of this big world, even if it is unknown to us.

Seeing the big world through our minds

We can realize new things around us.

For example, in my case, I like to notice how our minds work. I was excited whenever I found a new value or meaning in things I thought worthless. I was also excited whenever I found a new, efficient way. Our strange characteristics are often one of those “worthless” things. I like finding new meanings from the perspective of our minds.

Perhaps our mind is one of the smallest things in the world. We cannot see it. It is in our bodies. But when I realized a new mental system or new values, I felt an outer world expand because I could apply it to the real world.

So, traveling around the world is not always necessary. Of course, I also enjoy visiting new places as much as possible within my resources. But we can feel it, even if we are too sick to get out of bed.

In other words, if we don’t understand that, we cannot fulfill ourselves, even if we go everywhere.


So, if we notice a new thing, that gives us a bigger world, even if it is a small thing around us.

We can apply a realization to our world. That gives us more possibilities.

This way of thinking might help us find a better place to live, even if we don’t have enough environment or resources.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.