I Updated the Story Tarot, and I Will Talk About a Creation Style

Several days ago, I updated my product, the story tarot. So today, I will talk about it.

Updated the story tarot

First, an announcement. As I mentioned above, I updated the story tarot. The latest version is 1.1. The old version is here.

I wanted to make it easier to find new ideas. And I found there were cards too abstract to use. So, I removed 6 cards and added 5 new cards. I replaced all the “III. The Attitude Cards” with the new cards. Perhaps this update made it easier to find new ideas.

I am also going to update the “I. Elements Cards” soon. They seem to be too abstract, too. So now, I am creating new cards.

Helpful in making decisions

I sometimes used the story tarot when I felt it was hard to decide. At such times, it gave me new perspectives. It tells us, “You might have forgotten the ancestors’ wisdom.” “You might have forgotten some elements that help you.” Or “You might have something different soon, so pay attention.” With such advice, we can pay attention to another opportunity.

In my case, I often want words if I am ready for the change because I often see the answers to which to choose. The cards gave me a relaxed mental state to take new actions at such times.

So, perhaps the contents or meaning of the cards are not so important. The different perspective gives us relaxation and makes us think differently. In other words, we can be creative. That may be one of the features of the cards.

When I began to create this story tarot, the goal was vague. However, after I released and used it, I began to see it clearly, little by little.

Releasing products from the concept stage

By the way, I released the story tarot at the concept stage. In other words, I showed it far before completion. I had some worries about that. I could lose interest in it after the release. It could be that nobody tries using it due to its incompletion.

But they didn’t happen. I found these worries were my fears. I noticed I didn’t lose interest because I released it before exhaustion. And I didn’t care about others’ responses because I used it for myself.

So, perhaps I will release my future products from the concept stage.


Anyway, I updated the story tarot. And I will add another update soon. I am going to improve it little by little.

Although it is hard to start it because we need to print it out and cut it, it might be helpful to make decisions. I might even try making stories with it.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.