Why We Have an Inferiority Complex: My New Theory

I like to talk about our mental systems. And recently, I have had that passion again. So today, I will talk about the inferiority complex. In my opinion, the inferiority complex is one of the requests for us from society. This is my new theory. This knowledge might help us accept it.

How to let go of our inferiority complexes

Sometimes, we have an inferiority complex. The inferiority complex is one of the feelings that makes us feel inferior or worthless compared to others. Perhaps you already know it well. We compare many things, such as assets, status, human networks, or awards. And we feel superior or depressed.

It often makes us suffer, especially for someone with strange characteristics, because we cannot do the same thing as others. In addition, that complex often remains even if we succeed in something special with patience. In other words, we cannot be satisfied no matter how much we accomplish.

In such a case, this way of thinking might help us accept our inferiority complexes: the inferiority complex is one of the requests for us from society.

Two ways to improve our human lives

To explain it, let me explain about our individual and society. We humans are trying to make our lives better. To make it real, we have two approaches, as follows:

  • Improve individually: Improve our environment individually with our characteristics. Using our differences in characteristics contributes more efficiently to our society. Our senses for pleasure tell us what and how to do.
  • Improve socially: Improve our environment socially. Social cooperation contributes to the individual. Society requests us to do it in several ways. The inferiority complex is one of them.

We live in a society with our individuality. In our social activities, our differences in individuality give us efficiency. For example, people with more muscle can do work that requires strength. People with more carefulness can do work that requires carefulness. So we can help each other with our strengths and make our lives efficient in our society.

But at the same time, our society also has individuality because there are many societies, from our family to our nation. These societies also have desires, such as contributing to others, surviving, or being more influential.

Our society also affects us

In such an environment, society uses ways to affect us to follow their values, even without a leader. The inferiority complex is one of them. Society uses inferiority to improve itself, even without a leader who speaks for society well, such as a small family or a society of children.

We have such a mental system genetically. When people look down on us, we usually want to compete and get them back. This competition strengthens what society wants.

Perhaps that is why we never have an inferiority complex in impossible areas. For example, if we don’t have both legs, we are never looked down on for our inability to run fast. In other words, we have inferiority complexes because people, including ourselves, believe we can fill up for what society lacks.

So, an inferiority complex is a way to make our society better. There is a meaning. It is natural for us to have it.

Dealing with the inferiority complex

And if we understand the above, we can use it efficiently. I will explain how to deal with it below.

First, we can understand that we can contribute to our societies with individuality instead of an inferiority complex. Perhaps the more strange individuality someone has, the more it is efficient to contribute to society with it. This is because few other people can do it. There are things that only we can do. That often makes it more effective.

Next, we can stop struggling with our minds because we can understand that our inferiority complexes don’t exist in our minds.

Simply put, an inferiority complex is not a mental problem. Our inferiority complexes are in the connection between our society and us. That is why it is hard to resolve our inferiority complexes just by looking inside ourselves.

We can move to another society

Then, we can allow ourselves to move to another society. There are many societies, from families to nations. And sometimes, they have different values. For example, the inferiority complex that contributes to our family sometimes doesn’t contribute to our school or company. That often makes us suffer with that complex.

But if we know the system of the inferior complex, we can decide which society to prioritize. That allows us to change society. And that will solve our inferiority complexes.

Finally, we can accept our inferiority complexes, even in a society that doesn’t fit us. We contribute to at least one society. That is not a waste.


So, that is the reason why we have an inferiority complex.

In my opinion, the inferiority complex is one of the requests for us from society. There is a meaning. It is natural for us to have it.

This knowledge might help us accept the inferiority complex and use it efficiently.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.