When We Live Naturally, We Can Accept Our Deaths Naturally

I have had many mental changes over the past month. One of them is that I stopped worrying about my death. I think if we live naturally, we can accept our deaths naturally.

How to stop the fear of death

We are usually afraid of not only our deaths but also the possibility of them.

But sometimes, that makes us troubled due to reacting too much to even the tiny risks. For example, when we want to buy something cheap to enjoy our lives, it prevents us from joy due to the feeling, “If I lose all my money, I might die.”

I also used to feel like that. For example, when I wanted to taste something that looked tasty, I often held back from buying it, even if it was only a little money, because I felt, “If I waste money on unnecessary things, I might die due to a lack of money.” Of course, it sometimes saved me from wasting. But I sometimes regretted not enjoying my life enough.

In addition, when I needed to decide whether to buy such a thing, I worried for a long time.

But I noticed that such a worry had gone away from my mind over the past month. Perhaps this is because I came to live naturally. And it made me accept my natural death. So today, let’s talk about this.

If we live naturally, we don’t worry about our deaths

Perhaps if we live naturally, we don’t worry about our deaths because we can live our values.

We have our values. That is a collection of our preferences, such as “I prefer this if I am in this situation.” For example, if we need to choose fish or meat for dinner, we decide based on our preferences and situation. Some will choose fish, but some will choose meat. We have such differences. And it shapes our lifestyles to survive.

It also contains the preference, “When I have almost no money, I prefer this to survive.”

It means that “less money” is one of our situations. It is neither a prohibited situation nor a situation that should not be entered. We have many up-and-down waves in our lives. Sometimes, we have more money in our lives. But sometimes, we have less money.

We have values for each situation. We can choose our preferences in every situation.

My current way of thinking when I need to decide

This means that if we live with our values, we can stop worrying about the possibility of our death because we understand that we can keep choosing our values until just before death.

In my case, recently, I was interested in beef, especially A5 wagyu beef. So I wanted to experience the sirloin, one of the most tasty parts, at least once in my life. But it is one of the most expensive parts.

I used to worry about whether I should buy it. But now, I don’t worry about it because I know I can choose my values even if I am in a tough situation. I don’t need to lie to myself. That is far more comfortable than lying to myself. And honesty with myself gives me the energy to live. That made me relax.

So the next time I buy beef, I will choose with the following values: if I can afford it, I will buy it. But if I cannot afford it, I will enjoy other affordable meats. It’s simple. I don’t need to lie, such as “I should be this.” There are no prohibited situations. That made me stop worrying about it.

Living with our values

In other words, I decided to live with the waves of life. When I am in the phase of getting something, I will get it. And when I am in the phase of discarding something, I will do so. I can enjoy every phase. This means I follow my values in each situation.

If I cannot avoid my death with my values, it is the time of my natural death. Nature is far stronger and wilder than my life. In the face of such a nature, we can understand that there are inevitable deaths.

I prefer to live in such a wild nature with my values. “It is natural to stay alive,” such a sense doesn’t suit me. I think that such a feeling of “it is natural to stay alive” often worries us.

I live with all my values. Perhaps that is the natural state for me. When my values no longer apply, it is the natural time for my death. So I can accept my natural death.


So I think that if we live naturally, we can accept our deaths naturally.

We have preferences in every situation. We are allowed to be in every situation. That allowance frees us from feeling unnecessary fear.

If we understand this mental work, we might be able to get out of our current situations.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.