This Is Why the Goal We Want “As Soon as Possible” Won’t Fulfill Our Wants Directly

Today’s topic is related to the previous article (this article). I’ll talk about why the goal we want “as soon as possible” won’t fulfill our wants directly.

How to fulfill our wants

Sometimes, we want to fulfill our wants. So we often try to make enough value, such as money, status, name value, high-value products, human networks, skills, or something valuable. With such value, we can buy various things. We think that it will fulfill us.

But we often cannot create them. If we believe that is the only way to fulfill our wants, we will get tired and depressed. And we will desire hope.

At such a time, I think it’s better to avoid the goal we want “as soon as possible” because it won’t fulfill our wants directly.

So today, I’ll explain why it won’t fulfill our wants directly. If we understand this logic, we might be able to make our lives easier.

The meaning of “as soon as possible”

The reason is simple. “I want it as soon as possible” means “it takes a while.” It also means “it doesn’t affect our wants directly.”

Our wants are usually simple and basic because we are one of the animals. And what makes us confused is our wrong logic.

For example, if we desire to sleep and face it, we will understand, “I wanted to sleep enough!”

But we sometimes avoid facing it. If so, we often think, “If I have a lot of money, I can take a lot of rest. So I only need to work hard and earn money without sleep.” This logic will exhaust us instead of satisfying us. Such indirect logic makes us tired and depressed.

So, if we cannot fulfill ourselves no matter how much we try to create value, I think it’s better to avoid the goal we want “as soon as possible.” Of course, such a goal is necessary to make money or something valuable. But it will not fulfill our insides directly.

The way is simple and direct

The way to fulfill our insides is simple and direct.

In my case, I used to create a slow life to relax. But it was an indirect goal. So I thought, “I want my slow life as soon as possible.” It was contradictory because I lived busily to live slowly.

At such a time, I realized that what I wanted was a “home” where I was able to live as I am.

What I did was clean my kitchen and remember my grandmother’s kitchen. I was able to do it with excitement. It fulfilled my want directly. That was the thing that I wanted for a long time. It took less than a month. And I spent years and years creating my products to get them, and I never got them.

It could be an irrational goal

By the way, the goal without “I want it as soon as possible” often feels like an irrational, strange goal when we misunderstand what we want.

But such an irrational goal for success will often lead us to fulfill our wants directly. In addition, we can make it soon with excitement and confidence.

For example, we assume that we have a desire to sleep. But we have avoided facing it. And we believe a lot of money would solve the problem. At such a time, we suddenly feel like disposing of the garbage in our kitchen. We wonder why we want to do it, but we don’t know why. The only certain thing is that we have the passion to do it.

And after we follow our passion and clean our kitchen, we feel like cleaning our bedrooms. We can carry a lot of garbage to the kitchen because it has enough space. Then, after we clean up our bedroom and see the refreshed bed, we suddenly realize that what we want is to sleep enough. And we also notice that making a lot of money doesn’t affect our desires directly.

In the first stage, we often get such an irrational, strange goal from our passion. They are usually simple. Not difficult, not complex, and not costly. So they give us energy. And after we follow it, we will understand the chain of meaning.


So I think it’s better to avoid the goal we want “as soon as possible” if we cannot satisfy ourselves by creating value.

It won’t fulfill our wants directly. The solution is often simple.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to make our lives easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.