Meditation Gives Us Good Ideas That Fulfill Our Wants Directly

Today, I’ll talk about my changes to get good ideas. I used to think in my head to get good ideas. But now, I meditate. Although I have used this method for a year, I have come to master it over the past month.

How to get “good” ideas

We sometimes want good ideas to change our lives. If we get good ideas, we can take action immediately with excitement. Perhaps the more it fulfills our wants directly, the more we feel it is a “good” idea. But we often cannot get them soon.

When we don’t have any good ideas, we tend to want value that can be used in multiple ways, such as money, social status, human networks, or something valuable for many people. They can easily exchange other values. So many people want them.

I used to want them. But now, I don’t need them so much because I found an effective way to get good ideas. That is meditation. I think meditation is a better way to get “good” ideas.

Facing our wants directly or not

The reason is simple. If we meditate, we can face our wants directly. That means we don’t need other exchangeable values. So we can take action immediately with excitement and confidence because that is a “good” idea.

On the other hand, if we avoid facing our wants, we want exchangeable values. And we try to solve it with them.

For example, if we have a desire to sleep and face it, we will understand, “I wanted to sleep enough! This is one of my fundamental wants. This is more important for me than following other people’s values.” So we can get rational ideas to take action. In other words, we can get “good” ideas.

But if we avoid facing it, we often feel, “If I have a lot of money, I can take a lot of rest. That would fulfill my want. It’s easy! I just work hard and earn money without sleep!”

It is an easy idea, but often not a “good” idea. We are not sure if it will satisfy our wants. And we know we cannot always make a lot of money. So, we are often less motivated and less confident. And we sometimes do this. We want money, but we don’t have enough motivation and confidence.

To accept our wants

In such a situation, meditation would work because we could face our wants directly. And to do it, try saying, “To be honest, I don’t want this.” It will lead us to our honest wants.

Perhaps at the same time, we might hear other values in our minds, such as “That is your selfishness,” “Think of others,” or “Stop being risky, you will die!”

But accepting our wants and choosing the rational way are entirely different things. We can accept our wants and choose rational behavior at the same time.

And if we concentrate on how to solve our wants directly, we will often find a “good” idea before long because our wants are usually simple and basic. They are not complex.

I call this way “meditation.” This is not thinking. This is a kind of sense, such as feeling, recognition, and acceptance.


So, I think meditation is a better way to get “good” ideas. It tells us our honest wants. So we can fulfill it directly.

My definition of a “good idea” is the rational way that fulfills our wants directly.

If we use this method, we might be able to get “good” ideas to change our lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.