We Don’t Need So Much Preparation While Changing Our Lives

I gained a lot of new awareness over the past month. Today is also about that. I noticed we don’t need so much preparation while changing our lives.

How do we change our lives?

I often mention this topic: how do we change our lives? We sometimes want to change our lives due to heavy stress or disgusting things. So we want to know and try new worlds.

But at the same time, we face fear because there is a risk of failure. We fear our deaths. In addition, we often assume that failure brings us death, such as “If I lose all my money, I will die” or “If I get hurt where nobody knows me, I will die.”

So, we sometimes try to prepare as much as possible to secure our safety, such as money, food, belongings, connections, or skills.

But what I noticed over the past month was that we don’t need so much preparation while changing our lives.

We don’t need so much preparation to change

The reason is simple. We don’t know what is necessary in the future. After we change our lives, our fundamentals will also change. For example, assume that we live in a desert where securing water is essential. But after migrating to the forest, we might need more sunlight instead of water.

In other words, if we change our lifestyle successfully, our current preparation for the future will be almost unnecessary. This is because “changing lifestyle successfully” means overcoming the stress of lack.

We usually prepare to keep what we lack in the future. For example, we value and frequently lack money, so we save it. But after migrating to a world where we can live comfortably with our talents, we don’t need so much money because “changing” will solve the source of stress.

Taking action with less preparation

So, I discarded a lot of preparations for the future over the past month. I used to store many stocks for the future in my pantry, such as food, clothes, daily items, batteries, or plastic bags. I used to think that they would reduce my living costs if I bought a large amount when they were cheap.

But after I changed my lifestyle, I noticed I wouldn’t use many of them. So, I discarded a lot of things. That means I changed my lifestyle successfully.

And I’m going to keep changing for a while. So now, I keep preparing only those things that could lead to death if I lack them, such as an emergency pack, emergency food, and the minimum daily necessities. And after my lifestyle settles, I will increase my preparation little by little. But now, I don’t need much preparation because I’m still changing.


So I think we don’t need so much preparation while changing our lives.

If we change our lives successfully, our current preparation will be almost unnecessary. We change our lives to be free from such stress.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to change our lives easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.