We Can Create a Low-Cost, Free Life Without Growing Vegetables Ourselves

Today, I’ll talk about a new thought that I noticed over the past month. I noticed I could create a low-cost, free life without growing vegetables.

How to create a free life

We sometimes want to live free without doing disgusting work for money. To make it real, there would be two ways. One is to earn more money. The other is to create a low-cost life.

I wished it, too. And in my case, I chose the latter. So, I tried to create a slow life by being as self-sufficient as possible. I tried growing vegetables in my tiny garden, going fishing, and picking shellfish.

However, it didn’t reduce my living costs. We sometimes have difficulty reducing our living costs by trying self-sufficiency, like me.

At such a time, I was able to reduce my living costs dramatically and unexpectedly after changing my direction. I started to make my life simpler instead of being self-sufficient. As a result, it saved a lot of my living costs. So let’s talk about that.

The limitation of “making it from scratch”

“Making it from scratch” is a good way to reduce costs because we only need the cost of its materials. And the extreme style of it is self-sufficient. So, it often leads us to think that if we can live self-sufficiently, we can live freely. We might come to want to try growing vegetables, fruits, chickens, or dairy cows.

But it has a limit. In the beginning, it reduces our costs. But the cost starts to increase at some point because it’s too difficult to create everything ourselves. I know a YouTuber who is a homesteader and makes everything herself. But she needed to buy feed for her chickens because she could not make everything herself.

The problem of motivation

And there is also a problem of motivation. At some point, we will face doing disgusting things to reduce costs because we cannot have an interest in everything.

We started to create a new life to stop doing disgusting things. But if we start doing other disgusting things to make it, that is nonsense.

In my case, I like to see the growth of vegetables. However, I was not interested in maintaining garden tools or managing plant plans. In other words, they are disgusting things to me.

Making it simple will work

At such a time, I got a heat stroke about a month ago. That led me to start making my life simpler instead of being self-sufficient. Simplicity lightens the burden.

And, unexpectedly, that worked well. I reduced the items of my daily consumption, such as plastic bags or containers. And I also reduced unnecessary preppings. I felt a load on them. And they reduced a lot of my consumption and prepping costs.

I noticed that making it simpler was effective after making it from scratch. That is one of the reasons that I stopped creating my tiny garden or fishing.


So I think we can live a low-cost, free life without growing vegetables.

Making it from scratch will work at the beginning. But making our lives simpler would work well after the limitation of making it from scratch.

If we understand this approach, we might be able to create a low-cost, free life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.