When We Get Tired, It’s the Best Time to Stop Doing Disgusting Things

Let’s talk about my experiences over the past month. The first thing I want to share with you is this: when we get tired, it’s the best time to stop doing disgusting things.

Why we cannot change

When we wish to change our lives, we are usually patient with something disgusting, such as long hours working, disgusting human relationships, hard environments, less freedom, or suffering.

And in many cases, they are unnecessary because they are almost not related to our survival or creating our happiness. We don’t feel “disgusting” when we cannot live or be happy without them. If so, we will feel they are “necessary things.”

So, in many cases, we will suffer only a little loss if we stop them. But it often prevents our changes.

If we are in such situations, when we get tired, it may be the best time to stop doing such disgusting things.

How I stopped using Twitter

To explain it, let me talk about my experience. About a month ago, I had a lot of disgusting things that I wanted to end. Using Twitter is one of them. I wrote a lesson of one line every night for over five years. It had been fun and beneficial for a long time. But now, I felt it was a load.

But I was not able to stop it because I knew it would cause a little loss for me, such as losing some connections or the possibility of the future. In other words, I was not able to accept such losses.

At such a time, about a month ago, I got a heat stroke due to less salt in my body. That caused convulsions. And it caused terrible muscle pain. Perhaps it was the second most physically painful experience in my life. So I got tired of every disgusting thing.

At that time, I imagined what would happen if I stopped using Twitter. That image gave me great excitement. Because if I accepted a little loss, I could take a rest. That was a far cheaper cost than being patient with muscle pain. In addition, I was able to do other things instead of tweeting for the future. That was a possibility.

So I was able to stop using it.

During night is the best time

By the way, during the night is the best time to stop doing disgusting things because we usually get most tired at night. That tiredness leads us to stop doing them. So I recommend taking action immediately because if we wait until the morning, we gain patience again.

This is the opposite of impulse buying at night. Perhaps “impulse buying at night” is one of the worst things to waste money on.

This is the mental work to the value. We tend to take profits quickly, even if we can grow them. And it’s difficult to accept losses, even if there will be more losses in the future. That means less profit and more losses. This is good for staying in our current situation. But if we want to change, it prevents us from changing.

So if we want to change, it’s better to wait a while to accept a profit, such as buying something. And it’s better to take immediate action to accept a loss, such as stopping disgusting things that cause some losses.

And if we accept a little loss, we will be able to accept more losses easily. So we can stop many disgusting things. That gives us dramatic changes in a short time.


So when we get tired, it’s the best time to stop doing such disgusting things.

We will make a little loss, but it will give us more change in our lives.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to change our lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.