How We Feel at the End of Our “Long Night in Life”

Yesterday, I had a precious experience. So today, I’ll talk about it. It’s about how we feel at the end of our “long night in life.”

The feeling at the end of the long night

We sometimes struggle to change our lives. We have many sufferings and pains. And we don’t want to be patient anymore. But we don’t know how to change. So we are struggling.

It’s like a long night that never dawns. We are walking in such darkness without any lights. And we long for the dawn of our lives.

I also had such a feeling in my life. But yesterday morning, I experienced a precious feeling. I felt the end of the long night.

My experience of realizing the arrival of the morning

These years, I have solved my problems in life dramatically. Last summer, I solved my inner problem. This summer, I have improved my lifestyle, as I have mentioned in this blog.

And yesterday, I finally realized my “long night in life” was over.

Yesterday morning, I got up before 5 a.m. That was before the sunrise. The sky was still dark.

After I did my morning routine and cared for my fermenting food, I went to my workroom on the 2nd floor. My workroom faces east, so I saw a beautiful morning glow through the window. Although the sun was still below the horizon, it was so beautiful. So, I stopped my activities and looked at the sky for a while.

The moment my “long night in life” was over

At that time, I suddenly realized, “The long night in my life was over.” That was the first time I had such a feeling, although I had seen such a beautiful morning sky many times.

I was surprised a little because I had no joy or excitement. I was just calm and relaxed. Perhaps this was because I was sure that the night was over. If I found a light in the darkness, I would be excited. But at that time, the sky was bright enough. It was a morning, no doubt. So, I just accepted the arrival of the morning of my life with calm.

And I understood that my past was a thing of the past. We sometimes suffer from our past because the past is the same as the present. But after we realize that we have completely changed from the past, we can separate the past as a thing of the past. So, I felt it was time to let go of the obsession with the past. I can start my new future again from nothing.

A sad time to part

Then I returned my eyes from the sky to my room. At that moment, I noticed that the usual scenery I saw had changed. I noticed that the tools I had used for a long time, such as my desk, chair, or PC, suddenly looked old and damaged. Not only them but also many of my old belongings.

They have been my life partners that have fought together to change my life. I didn’t notice their damage. But at this time, thanks to the morning light, I understood that they were old things for the current me. I may part with them before long.

I think “the end of the long night” is one of the most critical moments to part with many things that have been with us. The morning was a great and celebratory time. But at the same time, that was a sad time to part.

So I looked at the arrival of the morning sky calmly. That was the end of the long, long night since my birth.


That was the feeling at the end of my “long night in life.” It was a wonderful but sad moment.

Perhaps “changing” means so. We are going to part with our current favorite things someday. So we can change.

If we understand this feeling, we might be able to accept our changes.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.